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Floorstanding Speakers

Triangle Releases 40th Anniversary Loudspeakers

Triangle Antal 40th Floorstanding Speakers

Triangle is celebrating the company’s 40th birthday with two Anniversary Edition loudspeakers — the Antal 40th floorstander and the Comète 40th stand-mount speaker, which can be used with matching pedestal stands called the S04 40th.

Antal and Comète are two emblematic models of the brand, improved over the years through various innovations and research breakthroughs from Triangle.

They reflect the philosophy of the company: making sound accessible to the widest variety of customers possible through simple processes designed to foster emotion.

Horn-loaded tweeters and small pleat midrange drivers made out of cellulose paper are the key markers of this Anniversary range, the soul of these two speakers.

Antal 40th

Triangle Antal 40th Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Triangle’s Antal 40th features a new rose gold anodized magnesium dome tweeter, developed exclusively for the two 40th Anniversary models.

It is equipped with two bass drivers inspired by the Australe speaker from the Esprit Ez range, thus ensuring a remarkable delivery of the lower frequencies.

The rich and clear sound of the midrange driver made out of natural cellulose paper Triangle is known for, perfectly complements this acoustic design with surprising performances.

This speaker will fit comfortably in rooms ranging from 30 to 50m2.

Comète 40th

Triangle Comete 40th Stand-mount Speakers

The second iconic model of the brand, the Comète, a more compact speaker, incorporates the basics of the Antal 40th.

It is equipped with a midrange/bass driver in natural cellulose paper, this time with an engine and suspensions adapted for a wider spectrum of sound.

With its dedicated speaker stand, the Support 40th Anniversary, this speaker is ideal for rooms smaller than 25m2.


Both loudspeakers come in either of two new shades of wood, Santos or Sycamore. The darker wood grains of the Santos rosewood are enhanced by a glossy finish for a unique look with enchanting reflections. The lighter blond Sycamore shade is adorned with a single layer of mat varnish for a natural look. Subtle rose gold anodization of the speaker’s ornamental trims complete these limited edition models.

Triangle Comete 40th Stand-mount Loudspeakers

Horn-loaded tweeter TZ2520MG

New magnesium dome for high performance

The horn-loaded tweeter Triangle is known for uses a metal dome in combination with a compression chamber.

In this 40th Anniversary Series, the unprecedented use of a composite dome in rose gold anodized magnesium, offers the tweeter high efficiency, controlled distortion, and excellent directivity. Magnesium combines two desired qualities: lightness and rigidity.

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The dome is designed specifically to support the coil, ensuring even and homogeneous alignment. This design also offers high consistency during production.

Midrange in cellulose paper membrane

Paper membrane for natural vocals

Triangle has always supported the use of paper membranes in its midrange drivers for a more a precise and lifelike vocal reproduction. For the 40th series, Triangle has developed a new material made out of 100% natural cellulose paper. It is a paper fiber without any surface treatment, supplying a natural sound without coloration.

The 40th Anniversary Edition also benefits from a new cone profile, improving the frequency response especially in low frequencies. By offering a more linear signal, it limits the use of filtering components which interfere with the purity of the sound.

New generation of bass drivers

Providing a significant performance upgrade, the Antal 40th incorporates a new generation of bass drivers for high impact and musicality.

The extremely rigid membrane is a unique composition of two types of wood pulp coupled with flax combined with carbon fiber, limiting distortion despite its long throw. The driver has a generously sized engine, ensuring excellent control and great sharpness. Triangle claims Antal 40th delivers deep bass, with a clean and detailed sound.


To ensure perfect transmission of the music, the 40th Anniversary Edition uses high-end cabling inspired by the Signature Series. It combines two insulated copper conductors to offer a delivery adapted to the different frequencies of the signal spectrum. A PVC jacket covering the entire cable, mitigates any electromagnetic disturbance. The conductors are in oxygen free copper, “OFC”, known for its transmission qualities and accuracy of tone.


The filter design ensures a balanced listening experience, each component is carefully selected: air core coils, MET capacitors andceramics resistors.


The terminals of the 40th Anniversary range are in rose gold anodized brushed aluminum. The custom-designed, insulated terminals can accommodate a 5mm diameter cross-section cable. They can also accommodate banana plugs with a locking system.

Allowing bi-wiring for the Antal 40th and single-cable connection for the Comète 40th, the terminals of this limited edition provide an ideal signal conduction.

Accessory Kit

To complete this experience, each speaker of the 40th Anniversary Edition is supplied with an accessory kit, to optimize its positioning according to its placement.

This accessory kit offers two sets of decoupling spikes: the first one in rose gold aluminum, adjustable in height and provided with lock nuts for surfaces like carpets, and the second one in rubber for more rigid surfaces. These accessories enable decoupling by significantly reducing the transmission of unwanted vibrations to the floor, thus improving the listening experience.

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The S04 40th Anniversary speaker stand will be perfect for the Comète 40th speakers. The speaker can be screwed to the stand for more rigidity, decoupling will then be done at the base, following the same principle as the Antal 40th. The foot can also be filled to better absorb vibrations. It includes cable routing at the rear for harmonious and discreet integration.

Price & Availability

The Triangle 40th Anniversary loudspeakers are available now, but we can’t seem to find them online right now. Check for a local retailer at the Triangle website.

  • Antal 40th €3,000 / pair
  • Comète 40th at €1,500 / pair


Type Bass-ReflexBass-ReflexPied d’enceintes 
Nombre de voies Ways 23
Sensibilité Sensitivity (dB/m) 9291
Bande passante Bandwidth (+/-3dB Hz-Khz) 47-2237-22
Puissance admissible Power handling (W RMS) 90140
Impédance minimum Minimal impedance (ohms) 4.23
Dimensions (mm, LxPxH)200x324x400200x345x1090320x260x704 
Dimensions (inch, WxDxH) 7.8×12.7×15.77.8×13.6×42.912.6×10.3×27.7 
Dimensions avec pied (mm, LxPxH) – 300x424x1128
Dimensions with pedestal (inch, WxDxH)11.8×16.9×44.4
Poids Net (Kg)8.8 (pièce)26.8 (pièce) 8.6 (paire) 
Net Weight (lbs) 19.4 (piece) 59 (piece)18.9 (pair) 
Poids Net avec packaging (Kg)17.6 (paire)29.8 (pièce)10 (paire) 
Gross Weight (lbs)  38.8 (pair) 65.7 (piece)22 (pair) 
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. James Tremblay

    March 17, 2021 at 8:24 pm

    I am about to move to a new house due to a divorce. While unnecessary my “house warming” gift to myself is a new stereo. These, I seriously think, should be included. Where I live they’ll absolutely have to be ordered online, so I do hope that Triangle will provide a date for when that happens. I’m also in the neck of woods where you’ll probably stock these for distribution to dealers. Don’t you have a facility in Chazy, NY?

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