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Trends Audio TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier


ITOK Media Limited’s innovative Hi-Fi brand Trends Audio launched their new innovative Hi-Fi product – Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier. This is a revolution technology among these several eras of the audio techniques. Though the product is only in a palm size, the sound quality is audiophile grade. Yet, the price is only one fifth to one tenth of the same quality power amplifiers. It totally has broken the tale story that the larger, the heavier, the more power consumption,the hotter, the best sound amplifier. Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier lets more audiophiles, music lovers or even PC users can enjoy the high fidelity music in an affordable price.

Trends TA-10.2P
Trends TA-10.2P

“We’ve experienced unprecedented growth in sales during the global financial crisis because many audiophile and music lovers are looking for the high end but not high priced audio products.” says David Ho, the Marketing Director of Trends Audio. “After the release of Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Preamp in last December, we got a huge demand for the pure power amplifier to match Trends PA-10 preamp and other pre-amplifiers with audio source selection for enhancing the audio performance and fine-tuning the music color.”

Audio techniques are at a standstill
The Hi-Fi user should know that though the CD, SACD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, EVD, HDV, Blue-Ray DVD, etc. audio video storage and replay technologies are ever-changing, the basic amplifier technology has no change for 50 years. The most popular Class-A, Class-AB, and Class-B amplifiers are several eras’ technology. Only the production technologies of electronic components and accessories improved. The basic technology and sound quality has no revolution improved.The later developed Class-D amplification technology though has the advantages of mini-size, energy saving and low heat; the sound is not very good. It can only apply for the low-end audio composites, Television, active multi-media speakers. It’s difficult to reach the field of audiophile. That’s why the larger, the heavier, the more power consumption and the hotter, the best audiophile amplifier is becoming a truth by most audiophiles in these eras. Recently,even more audiophiles go back to play tube amplifiers.

Trends Class-T amplification broken the bottleneck
Trends Audio’s TA-10.2P applied the well accept Trends TA-10 and Tripath’s proprietary class-T audio amplification technology. This integrated the class-D digital audio signal processing technique (PWM) with the Class-AB power amplification into a small IC. It has the mini-size, low heat advantages of Class-D amplifiers and also has the high fidelity sound quality of Class-AB amplifiers.

Ingenuity Design + Audiophile Materials
Besides applied Trends TA-10 and Tripath’s class-T technology, Trends TA-10.2P also put much effort and applied much proprietary techniques into the circuit design, components matching, sound tuning and even the case grounding and shielding. Additionally, we applied audiophile electronic components, wholly aluminum case (light, stylish, good shielding from interference), standard gold-plated sockets, high-quality AC power supply. All of them significantly improve the sound performance. New Trends TA-10.2P includes:

  • Applied the proprietary Trends TA-10 technology for audiophile quality sound.
  • Work with Trends PA-10 or other pre-amplifiers with audio source selection.
  • Using specially designed audiophile-grade “Trends” MKP capacitors as audio input decoupling capacitor.
  • Applied the lowest LSR & highest ripple current Rubycon MCZ series tank capacitors.
  • Remove the volume pot to minimize distortion.
  • Re-organized the sockets layout of the back panel which provides a more convenient audio cable and speaker cable connections.
  • Enhanced the chassis with beautiful satin finish and smarter black/white contrast.
  • Provide Two years Limited Warranty.

Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier is now for pre-order and it will be available in middle of June, 2009 and the suggested retail price is US$179 including AC power adaptor.

About Trends Audio
Trends Audio is a Hong Kong based company working in audio/video and multimedia production. Since the release of Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier in 2006, Trends has received many prizes from audiophiles worldwide. Trends Audio’s products have become legendary for their compact design, performance and reliability in high end audio market.

For the high resolution of screen shots, please download the file {Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amp. [screen shots] in Support Page.}
Trends Audio

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