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Spring Break or Spring Breakage? Stress-Free Travel with Technology and Valuables

Fort Collins, COLO–Planning a spring break vacation? Want to bring technology but worried about saltwater soaked, sand-filled devices? With rugged, interactive cases for iPod, Treo, BlackBerry, PDAs, laptops and other valuables, OtterBox protects devices no matter what your adventures bring!

We’ve all been there, a day at the beach and a ruined iPod or running through the airport and a dropped phone, camera or laptop. OtterBox allows you to protect your investment, stay in touch, access information and listen to your favorite tunes while vacationing.

Ruggedized for the outdoors means that even while hiking, biking, camping, skiing or snowboarding, running, traveling or just soaking up the sun, your gear remains safe from the elements.

Waterproof, interactive OtterBox for iPod cases available for the video, 1st and 2nd generation nano, 1st generation shuffle, mini, 20GB and photo, even allow you to go swimming with your music! Optional waterproof headphones and armbands available.

Smartphone and PDA cases allow you to stay in touch virtually anywhere. Work from the beach, send emails in airport lines or talk on the phone in the rain. Smartphone cases available for Treo and Blackberry devices. PDA cases, offered in several models, fit 99% of PDAs.

Want to bring your laptop? OtterBox has you covered. The OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case is a crushproof, drop-proof, water-resistant case that protects your computer even in the toughest vacation situations–airport security, crowds, taxi and shuttle rides and the dreaded overhead bin.

The versatile OtterBox case line is great for storing valuables. Available in a variety of sizes, cases protect items such as car keys, credit cards, wallets, cell phones, cameras, sunglasses, film and batteries, jewelry and more! Keep things safe from sand, water, dust, dirt and other vacation misfortunes!

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