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Sanyo PDG-DWL2500J 3D Ready DLP Projector


World’s Shortest-focus 3D Ready Ultra Short-Focus Projector

SANYO’s new ultra short-focus 3D Ready projector will be available in July 2010. The new model also offers the world’s shortest projection distance, and can be set up vertically or horizontally for enjoying “large images projected from right on the wall.”

In 2006, SANYO was the first in the industry to come out with an ultra short-focus projector that can project a large image from a short distance, thereby expanding the situations where projectors can be used. In 2007, SANYO also released the LP-XL50 projector with an ultra short-focus lens, which revolutionized the conventional projector concept with the world’s shortest set-up distance. This model has been well received in educational settings.

The new PDG-DWL2500J model represents a further advancement of the LP-XL50, and have a compact design that is about half the size of the conventional model. Along with being able to project large images from an even shorter distance, the new models have 3D ready, a feature that is rapidly gaining popularity.

As a result, SANYO is aiming to expand the market for these projectors from the conventional educational market to include new uses including amusement applications.

Product Projector
Product Number PDG-DWL2500J
Resolution WXGA
MSRP Open Price
Sales Date July 2010
Monthly Production 2,000 units

Sanyo PDG-DWL2500J Projector - Side

Main FeaturesLarge 80″ image can be projected from the world’s shortest projection distance of 32cm

  • Projection of a large 80″ image at the world’s shortest projection distance of about 32cm (Distance between projector unit and screen surface: 2.4cm) is achieved by newly developed ultra short-focus mirror projection optical unit. The projection distance of the conventional model, the LP-XL50 is approximately 45cm. (Distance between projector unit and screen surface: 8.1cm)
  • When the distance between projector unit and screen surface is 0 cm, an approximately 74″ large image can be projected from a position close to the screen, which allows a presenter to stand in front of the image without casting a shadow on the screen or being bothered by projector light in his or her eyes. This makes it perfect for giving effective lectures or presentations in educational settings.
  • Available maximum projection image size: 110″ (maximum image size of the conventional model: 80″).
  • High installation flexibility: the projector can be set up vertically or horizontally, and it can be placed in a variety of locations including table tops, walls, ceiling, or floors.

Large-screen 3D projection capability

  • The “Frame Sequential Display Format”*5 for 3D technology enables the viewing of 3D images when wearing 3D glasses.
  • 3D presentations in limited spaces are available, thanks to the 3D and short-focus projection technologies.
  • Customers in the digital signage market can utilize the projectors for showing 3D commercials or movie information at the entrances to movies theaters.
  • Corporate customers can use the new products for more realistic and effective presentations, such as 3D product presentations for sales pitches, or design evaluations.
  • In the entertainment market, the new projectors can be used in various new ways such as the projection of 3D games in an amusement arcade, or the display of a high-impact 3D dinosaur in a natural history museum.

Compact design that is half the size of a conventional model, for saving space of the floor or other installations

  • Realized a compact projector unit measuring 321.0 mm (width) x 170.0 mm (height) x 385.0 mm (depth), which is about half the size of a conventional model, by the development of a new DLP format compact optical engine for the PDG-DWL2500J model, and downsizing of the optical components along with the optimization of parts layout.
  • Space saving: the new projectors can be installed overhead without looking bulky, or can be installed on the floor without taking up too much space.
  • Environmental benefits: the more compact design contributes towards resource and energy saving through the lowering of material and transportation costs.

Other Features

  • “Wide XGA Real” compatibility feature for high resolution images
  • Loud “10W Speaker (mono)” enhances listenability in a space like a conference room or a classroom
  • “HDMI terminal” for digital input
  • “Long-life Filter” for reducing maintenance effort.
  • Standard “Wired LAN terminal” (RJ-45) enables control and management of the projector over a network
  • “Presentation Timer Function” permits effective presentations by displaying the elapsed time on the screen
  • “Freeze Function” allows the pausing of presentations
  • “Color-board Mode” enables projection onto colored walls or school blackboards
  • “Direct Power-on Function” allows the projector to be turned on just by plugging in the power cord, without having to press a button on the remote or projector unit
  • The “Direct Power-off Function” allows the projector to be unplugged right away after use.

Environmental Considerations

  • Conforms with the EuP-Directive Lot 6*8, and the EU RoHS Directive
  • The packaging contains pulp molds, which can be recycled as used paper

Outline and Background
The number of short-focus Wide XGA projectors shipped in the world market is expected to be approximately 200,000 units in 2010, 400,000 units in 2011, and 800,000 units in 2012 (according to company forecasts).

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In recent years, numerous 3D films have been shown in movie theaters, and the demand for 3D TVs and other 3D content is expected to expand rapidly. With the advent of 3D personal computers, there is also increased interest in 3D monitors for the education, digital signage, and amusement markets.

In order to respond to this market trend, the PDG-DWL2500J projector is equipped with 3D Ready, while offering the world’s shortest projection distance. They also feature a compact design that is about half the size of a conventional model, and can be set up vertically or horizontally to save space, thereby increasing the usage situations.

See full specs (pdf)

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