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Samsung Rolls Out 4K and 8K Neo QLED TVs for 2023

For 2023, Samsung is introducing 19 Neo QLED TVs in sizes from 43-inches to 85-inches. We have the details and pricing on all 4K and 8K TV models.

2023 Samsung Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs

Following up on their CES 2023 TV announcements, Samsung appears to be slow-rolling the pricing and availability of their new TVs. This is a big change from their 2022 TVs, which were all released at the same time. 

Recently they released their first available TV for 2023, the highly anticipated 77-inch QN77S95C QD-OLED TV.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs

The next step in Samsung’s 2023 TV rollout is their Neo QLED models. Most consumers don’t understand the differences between OLED, QD-OLED, and Neo QLED and it’s easy to understand why people are having a difficult time deciding which technology to invest their money in.

A QLED TV is an LCD-based TV. This means they have LED backlight and images are viewed on an LCD display panel. However, it adds another component, a sheet of Quantum Dots (that is where the “Q” comes from). The Quantum Dot sheet is placed between the LED backlight and LCD panel to improve color. 

Quantum Dot Layers

Where the “Neo” part comes in is that the LEDs used in the backlight are much smaller than those used in most LCD-based TVs. The generic term for this variation is mini-LED, but for its QLED TVs that use this type of backlighting, Samsung uses the marketing label “Neo.”

To dig deeper refer to our articles: WTF is a QLED TV? and WTF is Mini-LED?

Tip: Samsung QLED TVs without the Neo variation will be released via a forthcoming announcement. 

Neo QLED 8K and 4K UHD TV

Samsung’s Neo QLED TV release includes models that feature 8K or 4K UHD display resolution

Shared Features 

In addition to their display resolution, here are some brief feature highlights for Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs. 

Quantum Mini LED Technology: With smaller LED light bulbs, more LEDs can be placed on the backlight layer providing more precise control of light and dark areas of the screen at the same time. White halos around bright objects against dark backgrounds are minimized and black levels for dark scenes can be deeper. Samsung’s Mini-LED backlighting also produces very high brightness levels that help with the display of HDR content. 

Samsung Quantum Mini LED Technology Neo QLED TV

AI Video Processing: Content is analyzed and converted to brighter, clearer, and vibrant HDR – even if the source material is SDR via Auto HDR Remastering. 

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Tip: Samsung TVs are not compatible with Dolby Vision.

Quantum Neural Processor: Content on screen is upscaled with detailed precision to either 4K or 8K depending on the model. 

Tip: 4K TVs will not accept an 8K signal.

Gaming Performance: Samsung Neo QLED TVs incorporate low input lag thanks to a 0.1 millisecond response time and 144Hz refresh rate. 

Gaming Hub:  Allows gamers to play games from Xbox and other game streaming partners with no downloads, storage limits, or console required.

Samsung Gaming Hub Smart TV Front

Smart Hub: Entertainment, Gaming, and other entertainment content options available all in one place, including Samsung TV Plus. The Hub also provides access to major streaming services with access to a lot more via the Samsung TV app store. In addition, the Hub makes content recommendations based on individual viewing preferences.

Samsung Tizen Smart Hub TV

Slim One Connect Box (8K QN900C, 800C): Instead of plugging everything into the TV which can create cable clutter (especially if the TV is wall-mounted) as a separate box (Slim One Connect) is provided so that you connect all your devices to it, and the box transfers all the selected signal to the TV using just one cable. This means that only two cables go to the TV, the one from the one connect box and a power cord. 

Samsung S95C One-Connect Box

HDMI: All models include (either on the TV or via Slim One Connect Box) 4 HDMI ver 2.1 inputs. Support is provided for ARC/eARC, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), Frame Rate Link (FRL) aka Quick Frame Transport, and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode).

Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ver 5.2

ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV Tuner (except QN85C):  This allows users to receive upgraded TV broadcast signals via an antenna that may include HDR, Immersive audio (including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X), multiple language tracks, and improved emergency alerts for weather, natural disasters, or other key events. In the near future, select TV stations will broadcast 4K UHD resolution content over the air.

Dolby Atmos: All Samsung Neo QLED TVs include onboard Dolby Atmos decoding.

Soundbar Pairing: Samsung’s Neo QLED TV models can pair with Samsung Q and S-Series soundbars for a more immersive sound listening experience by combining the TV’s speakers with the soundbar. 

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2023 Samsung Q-Symphony

Tip: For a complete rundown of features included on all Samsung Smart TVs for 2023, refer to our article: CES 2023: Samsung’s New TVs Can Monitor Your Health

8K Neo QLED Models

2023 Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 8K TV

QN900C (Flagship 8K Series)

Series Specific Highlights

Video: Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro

Audio: Object Tracking SoundPro, Built-in 90 watt 6.2.4 channel speaker system

  • 85-inches: Price and Availability forthcoming
2023 Samsung QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV


Series Specific Highlights

Video: Neo Quantum HDR 8K+, Motion Xcelerator Turbo+

Audio: Object Tracking Sound+, Built-in 70 watt 6.2.4 channel speaker system

  • 75-inches: Price and Availability forthcoming  

4K UHD Neo QLED Models

QN95C (Flagship 4K Series)

Series Specific Highlights (Forthcoming)

  • 85-inches: $5799.99 (coming soon) 
  • 75-inches: $4199.99 (coming soon)
  • 65-inches: $3299.99 (coming soon)
2023 Samsung QN90C Neo QLED 4K TV

QN90C Series

Series Specific Highlights

Video: Neo Quantum HDR+, Ultimate UHD Dimming, Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ (85, 75, 65, 55-inch models), Motion Xcelerator Pro (50 and 43-inch models).

Audio: Object Tracking Sound+, Built-in 60 watt 4.2.2 channel speaker system (43-inch Model – 2.0 channel speaker system/20 watts)

2023 Samsung QN85C Neo QLED 4K TV

QN85C Series

Series Specific Highlights

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Video: Neo Quantum HDR, Supreme UHD Dimming, Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ (@120Hz)

Audio: Object Tracking Sound, Built-in 60-watt 4.2.2 channel speaker system.

Tip: This article will be updated with Neo QLED model prices and availability info as needed. Also, stay tuned for separate articles for price and availability information for additional Samsung TV models. 

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