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Pioneer DVR-116D and DVR-216D DVD/CD Burners Announced


New Pioneer DVD/CD Computer Writers Loaded with Performance Features for Exceptional User Experience Including Quieter Drive Usage and Anti Dust Mechanism

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announced two new internal computer drives that will write up to 20x on DVD-R/+R media and deliver unprecedented write quality that exceeds the performance of similarly priced competitive devices. The Pioneer DVR-116D and DVR-216D DVD/CD writers features a new Optimal Write Speed setting that recognizes the disc media and automatically adjusts the drive’s write speed to ensure the highest quality digital preservation of vital files. The DVR-116D and DVR-216D will ship in July 2008.

In addition to enhanced speed capabilities, Pioneer has also minimized the total noise output from the drive for a quieter user experience. An “Anti Dust” internal mechanism design is incorporated, which gives the drives superior protection from harmful dust particles. While many current PCs come packaged with a disc drive already, the DVR-116D and DVR-216D give users the cutting-edge reading and quality writing features that have become synonymous with Pioneer’s renowned optical disc technology drives.

“Despite the vital nature of this sometimes irreplaceable content, there may be consumers out there who aren’t backing up their digital images, music and personal files because they may believe the process is too time consuming,” said Steve Cohn, director of sales for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We bring to market two of our most performance-rich computer drives that combine rapid burning and enhanced operation to give users a reliable means to maintaining content currently stored on their hard drives.”

Optimum Write Support
While offering the ability to write to multiple DVD and CD media formats, Pioneer recognizes the many PC users who will use the drive for multimedia file backup. In addition to the traditional images and file preservation, the DVR-116D and DVR-216D bring a new level of write functionality for users. Pioneer’s Optimal Write Speed function allows the drives to instinctively prioritize performance to best suit the disc media onto which it is burning content resulting in a higher quality finalized disc.

Keep It Quiet
While increased write speed is a necessary advancement, Pioneer sought to improve the overall user experience by redesigning the drives’ internal mechanisms to better insulate the distracting noise often generated by a disc spinning at extremely fast rotations per minute (RPM). The unique interlocking design ensures a low acoustic noise by “trapping” the airflow noise generated by the spinning disc while simultaneously dampening the sounds created by normal drive usage. This feature is extremely valuable for those who are using the computer drives in a media center PC or any other application where the sound needs to be kept to a minimum.

Improved Durability
Pioneer lives up to its reputation as the drive manufacturer for those who seek quality and reliability. The DVR-116D and DVR-216D DVD/CD writers fulfill these expectations with a new Anti-Dust design. An improved chassis insulation aids in the protection of the drives’ internal components from dust and small particles that can hinder the product’s operability and lifespan. Consumers can enjoy a best-in-class device with confidence.

For users who happen to play back or burn content to a warped disc, Pioneer incorporates its Liquid Crystal Tilt/Blur Compensator technology. This unique feature compensates for a variety of media irregularities to provide more reliable disc playback and burning capabilities.

Specifications Table

Disc Media Write Speed Read Speed
DVD+/-R SL 20X 16X
DVD+/-R DL 12X 12X
DVD+/-RW SL 6X 13X
DVD+/-RW SL 8X 13X

Drive Model Interface
DVR-216D Serial-ATA (SATA)
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