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Ortofon’s 2MR Series Cartridges Offer Compatibility With A Wider Range of Tonearms

Ortofon’s new 2MR series make it easier to install their award-winning MM cartridges on tonearms that do not offer adjustable VTA. Rega and Pro-Ject owners should be thrilled.

Ortofon 2MR Phono Cartridges Installed

One of the best-selling audiophile MM phono cartridge series is getting a refresh; and whilst the changes are only external — it will make them easier for both dealers and consumers to install.

Ortofon has expanded its 2M Series of moving-magnet cartridges with the 2MR range, which takes the existing cartridge and makes it smaller and easier to install on a much wider range of tonearms.

The new Ortofon 2MR utilizes a new narrow housing and has been designed to integrate without the need for modifications, or spacers under the tonearm for mounting with two screws. 

The existing 2M range already works well with many tonearms with adjustable VTA.

According to Ortofon: “the 2MR reduces the overall cartridge body height to 14mm, saving you 3mm over the standard version. The reduction makes a difference where VTA is an issue with a standard 2M cartridge. It’s also effortlessly easier to accommodate than many tonearm modifications or upgrades you may otherwise need to make.”

Ortofon 2MR phono cartridges

The issue is that manufacturers such as Rega, Pro-Ject, Linn, Origin Live, and others do not offer tonearms with adjustable VTA and one ends up in a scenario where the standard Ortofon 2M cartridges are too high; the 2M Black that I have used on my restored Thorens TD-160 Super from Vinyl Nirvana was installed on a Rega RB-300 and that required modifications to make it work properly.

For those of us who tossed the stock platter mat that came with our table and installed a thicker cork mat from a company like Analog Restorations, these new housings will make it easier to get the height correct.

Every model of the 2M range is now available as a 2MR variant, including the 2M Black LVB250, the 2M Mono and the 2M 78.

All of the 2MR styli are the same as the regular 2M range styli and can be upgraded as with the regular range.

Available now at Amazon, you can find out more about Ortofon’s 2M Series here.

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  1. ORT

    February 16, 2024 at 3:56 pm

    I have one ‘table that uses a…*GASP*…P-Mount cartridge. I recently replaced it and even I, a barely ambulatory, handicapable humanoid had no problems at all. It works as well as anything else I have on other ‘tables. It doesn’t look as cool but it also does NOT cost as much and is easier to work with.

    I have no desire to fret over VTA or WTF. I just want a nice, capable cartridge that looks sweet and is easy to install and remove. If I want to have a green cartridge because it’s St. Patrick’s Day? BAZINGA! I can do that. Valentine’s Day? Red.

    Ad yabba-dabba-doo!

    I care not for crimping new pins together on any cartridge. It can be made easy and easily affordable. The anally-obsessive frAudians will continue to wax off over difficult set up procedures whilst the rest of use are having fun listening to music.

    Am I excited about what you have written about here?

    Damn straight I am!

    Audio should be accessible, not repressible. Tom Swift, NOT Taylor Swift. The time for tilting at turntables is over.

    Don QuixORTe’

    • Ian White

      February 16, 2024 at 7:24 pm


      Amen. And don’t think I won’t try a 2MR Bronze on the Pro-Ject just to see how it performs.



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