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Octave Systems Copy Master II Pro Robotic Line of DVD/CD Duplicators Are the Most Productive, Efficient and Affordable Multi-Drive Autoloaders on the Market

–New Line Can Duplicate 1,000 DVDs at up to 16X,
8.5 GB Dual Layered DVDs at up to 4X and CDs at up to 48X–

Campbell, Calif. — July, 2005 — Octave Systems, Inc., a leading technology innovator, today unveiled its new line of Copy Master II Pro Robotic DVD/CD duplicators. Users can quickly and efficiently copy large volumes of DVDs or CDs via three new models, all with built-in, high-quality Plextor PX-716A optical recorders. Octave Systems offers the most affordable price point in the industry for robotic arm duplicators.
The Copy Master II Pro Robotic auto loading arm allows users to set up a duplication job and walk away until it has completed. The new line of autoloaders features an easy-to-read LCD display and a 160 GB hard disk drive, and offers duplicators with four, six or seven optical recorders. The convenience of a large hard disk drive allows the user to store multiple jobs, and allows fast access to exiting masters to quickly begin the copy process. A PC is not required to operate the Pro Robotic line. Depending on the user’s needs, 4.7 GB DVDs can be copied at up to 16X, 8.5 GB Dual Layered DVDs at up to 6X and CDs at up to 48X.
All three models can quickly and efficiently duplicate up to 1,000 DVDs or CDs in one continuous sitting without monitoring from the operator. As specific examples of its speed, a seven-drive Copy Master II Pro Robotic autoloader can produce seven full 4.7 GB DVDs in seven minutes, and seven full CDs can be produced in three minutes.
An essential new feature of the Copy Master II Pro Robotic autoloader is the Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT), which allows the user to set up and execute multiple duplication jobs without interruption. Traditional autoloaders will only process one job per run and require the user to load additional jobs, one at a time, to the autoloader. However, the Copy Master II Pro Robotic featuring MMRT will process multiple jobs sequentially. This process allows the user to attend to other important tasks without needing to check on jobs in progress.

“With the Copy Master II Pro Robotic line, the user can have a capacity of up to 1,000 discs and duplicate continuously for 24 hours, even with multiple masters,” said Paul Avery, Octave’s Marketing Manager. “Octave combines the best of both worlds by offering the most reliable and affordable line of high-performance autoloaders on the market.”

In addition, the Copy Master II Pro Robotic line features the largest buffer memory (128 MB) in the industry; a 160 GB hard drive, also the largest in the industry; password protection for different users; hard disk drive partition naming, allowing a user to name the images stored in hard drive partitions; multiple language displays; upgrade to future drive technology; DVD drive firmware upgradeable by the controller; enhanced firmware in the controller that speeds duplication; and an auto counter that keeps running totals of successful copies.

The Copy Master II Pro Robotic line offers the most affordable prices in the industry at $3,600 for a four drive robotic duplicator, $4,600 for a six drive robotic duplicator and $5,100 for a seven drive robotic duplicator, all of which are currently available.

In addition to the Copy Master II Pro Robotic line of duplicators, Octave launched the Copy Master II DVD/CD tower-style duplicator line in June.

About Octave Systems, Inc.

Based in Campbell, California, Octave Systems is a leading distributor of CD and DVD duplicators, printers and other related equipment. Founded in 1984 on the philosophy that data capture, storage and duplication should be easily accessible for a wide range of businesses, Octave Systems, Inc. has become one of the leading forces in the industry.

For further information or to purchase the new Copy Master II Pro Robotic line please contact Octave at 1-800-626-8539 or visit

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