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NuVision Lucidium FX5LS LCD HDTVs


Super Slim 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch deep black LED/LCD HDTVs measure a scant 1.5-inches in total depth

NuVision U.S. Inc. has announced the introduction of three new super slim LED edge-lit LCD TV models for the consumer market:

  • NVU40FX5LS (40-inch) – MSRP $3,499
  • NVU46FX5LS (46-inch) – MSRP $4,499
  • NVU55FX5LS (55-inch) – MSRP $5,999

The 55-inch is also available in a limited edition featuring a silver frame (NVU55FX5LSX). All three models utilize NuVision’s powerful FX5 120Hz video processing, which eliminates the need for corrective mathematical algorithms when viewing 24 frame 1080p content by displaying each film frame five times on the display, creating an effective rate of 120 frames per second.

LED’s produce pure white light previously unattainable, creating colors that are crisp, clean, and true to their source. NuVision has combined the power of LED technology with true 10 bit color depth in an efficient, lightweight and slender LCD with unmatched levels of performance.

The three new lighter weight FX5LS models require 40% less power to operate than comparable CCFL sets and they are also Mercury free, making NuVision’s LED/LCD technology more environmentally responsible. All Lucidium FX5LS models incorporate the finest hand selected premium parts and countless hours of fine-tuning that has differentiated the NuVision brand from all other LED/LCD TV products. FX5LS sets also feature connectivity that is conveniently parallel to the rear wall, including four HDMI inputs. All FX5LS models also feature an ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner as well as the unique FX5 video processing algorithms that fully utilize the capabilities of the NuVision 120Hz DCS Deep Black LCD. These optimized processing technologies include:

  • FX5 120Hz LCD – Repeating each frame 5 times allows for an even distribution of frames and a more cinematic viewing experience
  • NiDO IV enhanced video processing
  • Signal compatible with 1080p 60 and 1080p/24fps
  • FX5 true 120Hz video processing
  • 1080i to 1080p four-field de-interlacing
  • Motion adaptive noise reduction
  • Pixel-by-Pixel detail enhancement
  • Automatic film mode cadence processing
  • HD/SD multi-direction diagonal filter

Lucidium NVU40FX5LS, NVU46FX5LS and NVU55FX5LS Features and Technology:

  • DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black): NuVision DSDB dynamically adjusts the LCD backlight according to the imagery being displayed. This technology, in conjunction with NuVision Deep Black LCD panels, yields impressive contrast ratios resulting in incredible depth of field.
  • FFM (Frame Forward Motion): NuVision Deep Black LCD panels feature extremely fast response times, as low as 5ms. (milliseconds). FFM takes this a step further by creating additional interpolated frames, creating breathtakingly clear fast motion sports and action. The FFM feature is user adjustable with low, medium, high, and off settings available.
  • DCS (Deep Color Spectrum): DCS technology widens the color gamut of the display, resulting in brilliantly lifelike colors and giving even familiar content a fresh new look.
  • NuColor x.v. (Expanded Color Gamut): NuVision utilizes HDMI 1.3 inputs capable of 10.2 Gbps bandwidth which yields a true end-to-end 10bit color space containing 1.07 billion colors. Compared to a typical LCD display with only 16.7 million colors, NuColor x.v. offers an exponentially superior overall color gamut.
  • Game Mode: NuVision LCD’s incorporate a “Game Mode” feature that deactivates most of the on-board video processing within the set to cut down on potential latency.
  • NuControl (Integrated RS-232 Control): NuControl makes custom integration easy. Every NuVision set includes our exclusive NuControl port. This enables you to stow your cable box out of sight and eliminate unsightly IR sensors. Functioning as your single IR receiver, your NuVision display connects to and controls all related components, so you don’t have to bother with switching on multiple devices.
  • Warranty: The new Lucidium FX5 Series comes complete with a full, two-year, in-home manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Availability and Pricing: The Lucidium NVU40FX5LS (MSRP $3499) and NVU46FX5LS (MSRP $4499) will be shipping to authorized dealers in early December, 2009. The NVU55FX5 (MSRP $5999) is available now. There is an optional stand available for each model with an MSRP of $199.

About NuVision: Founded in 2005, NuVision, Inc. is a manufacturer of ultimate performance video components. Known for their premium build quality and elegant appearance, NuVision products are engineered to be the finest home cinema solutions available. To ensure that customers receive the best support, service and set-up, NuVision products are only sold through an exclusive, pre-qualified dealer network.

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