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Earbuds & In-Ear Headphones

Nokia Essence Bluetooth Stereo Headset


The new Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset with Active Noise Cancellation (BH-610) eliminates an unprecedented 99.8% of background noise — delivering pure, high-fidelity sound no matter how noisy the surroundings for people who don't want to sacrifice audio quality when going wireless. Using NFC technology, the Bluetooth headset can be paired with any NFC-enabled smartphone simply by tapping the two devices together.

Nokia's Bass Perfection Active Noise Cancellation dramatically reduces low frequency noise and in-ear resonances caused by bass, and delivers deep, clear, and undistorted bass in noisy places. Midrange and high range noise is isolated by using supple medical-grade silicone earbuds that create a comfortable but complete seal to the ear canal.

Nokia BH-610 Bluetooth Headset

The Nokia Essence supports a wide range of high quality audio codecs including SBC, apt-XT and AAC Direct Streaming codecs. In addition, four professionally selected and tuned music response profiles are offered:

  • Concert hall as default music response
  • Bass Boost: Boosts lowest frequencies for ultimate dynamic bass detail
  • Treble Boost: This is what you hear when listening in the sweet spot to a pair of highly directional electrostatic loudspeakers.
  • Treble Boost + Bass Boost: A combination of the transparency of electrostatic loudspeakers combined with highly dynamic low frequency reproduction typical of reference-level multicabinet subwoofer systems.

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