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M&K X10+, X12+ and X15+ THX Subwoofers Rattle the China

How much subwoofer can you handle? M&K adds three THX-certified X+ Series models in 10, 12, and 15-inch sizes. Time to secure the China.

M&K Sound X10+ THX Subwoofer

M&K Sound is one of the historical inventors of the subwoofer and has never lost its touch as its subs continue to provide leading-edge performance and design. 

M&K has announced three new X+ Series THX Certified subwoofers in 10, 12, and 15-inch sizes. Priced from $4,500 to $6,000, M&K’s new line competes at the high-end of the home theater subwoofer market against the likes of Perlisten THX Subwoofers. However, THX Certified subs are not always that pricey. The new Monolith THX V2 Subwoofers appear as relative bargains priced from $850 to $1400.

At such high-end price points, it’s questionable if one expensive subwoofer is better than two that can be purchased for less. Nonetheless, a good subwoofer is a must in a home theater setup, so let’s take a look at what this trio of subwoofers offers. 

M&K Sound X+ Series THX Subwoofers Front

M&K Sound X+ Series Subwoofer Features

THX Certification: This means that these M&K X+ Series Subwoofers have been submitted and passed THX standards for application and performance. The X10+ is THX Select Certified, the X12+ is THX Ultra Certified, and the X15+ is THX Dominus Class Certified (a first from M&K).

THX Certification Process
  • THX Select Certification also means that the X10+ is optimized for rooms up to 2,000 cubic feet and 10 foot viewing distance from the screen. 
  • THX Ultra Certification also means that the X12+ is optimized for rooms to 3,000 cubic feet and a 12-foot viewing distance from the screen. 
  • THX Dominus Certification means that the X15+ is optimized for rooms as large as 6,500 cubic feet, and up to 20-foot viewing distance from the screen.
THX Certified Performance Classes

Subwoofer Design: The subwoofers all feature M&K’s dual driver, push-pull design. Each subwoofer incorporates two fully-functional drivers, one that faces up and another that faces out (not one driver paired with a port or passive radiator). The way the push-pull feature is implemented is that the two drivers are wired out of phase with each other but their in and out movement is in phase with the cabinet. This means that more air is pushed and distortion is reduced. 

Driver Construction: New Carbon Fiber Woofer Cones are included in all three models with ultra-high-strength and rigidity to accommodate the added power and excursion. M&K Sound’s proprietary CNC-machined extruded aluminum Distortion Killer Shorting Rings guarantee precise control and distortion-free performance.

M&K Sound X+ Series THX Subwoofers Angle

Amplification: ICE Class D power amplifiers are incorporated into all three subs with the following power output capabilities:

  • X10+: 500 Watts RMS/1000 Watts Peak
  • X12+: 600 Watts RMS/1200 Watts Peak
  • X15+: 700 Watts RMS/1400 Watts Peak

Low-Frequency Extension: If you are looking for a Subwoofer that can go really deep, under optimum conditions the X10+ can reach down to 20Hz, the X12+ 18Hz, and the X15+ goes down to 16Hz. You might want to warn your neighbors!

Note: Crossover frequency point information was not provided. 

Cabinet Construction: The X15+, X12+, and X10+ feature MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) construction and bracing to eliminate panel vibrations or cabinet resonances, and increased venting at the base of the woofers reduces distortion from air turbulence.

Pricing and Availability

The M&K X+ Series subwoofers will be available in January 2022 from authorized M&K Sound distributors/dealers at the following MSRPs in USD:

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  • M&K X10+ $4,499 (THX Select, 500W)
  • M&K X12+ $4,999 (THX Ultra, 600W)
  • M&K X15+ $5,999 (THX Dominus, 700W)

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