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JMGO Announces The N1S Series Projector Line

JMGO is introducing two Netflix certified lifestyle projectors. Find out what’s different between the N1S ($999) and N1S Ultra ($2,499).

JMGO N1S Projector 180-inch Screen

If you haven’t shopped for a video projector in several years, there have been some interesting developments. Although there are still lots of traditional style projectors available, two growing trends are the increasing availability of UST and compact projectors that may provide the flexibility and performance.

You may also notice a lot more brands entering the mix. JMGO is not a brand that immediately comes to mind for most, but they have been making some interesting projectors over the past few years including a crop of compact/portable models that offer a competitive value.

For 2024, JMGO has officially unveiled its new N1S Series video projector line. So far, two models have been revealed, N1S (available now) and N1S Ultra (available in late June 2024).

JMGO N1S Projector Carry Handle

What The N1S Projector Series Brings to the Table

The N1S is a compact portable projector that is designed to provide excellent image quality and ease of use for those on a budget. The N1S Ultra is also a compact projector (although a little larger than the N1S) with 4K UHD resolution and higher light output.  The N1S Ultra is designed to provide a compact solution to dedicated home theater fans. 

Core Features

Both announced projectors incorporate the Google TV OS, Netflix certification, and compact portable designs that make them very practical for indoor or outdoor home entertainment.

JMGO N1S Projector compatible with Netflix streaming

The projectors incorporate DLP technology with support from Laser Light Engines featuring JMGO’s MALC (Microstructure Adaptive Laser Control) Triple Color Laser Optics.

MALC incorporates three separate red, blue, and green lasers, ensuring images with exceptional brightness and lifelike colors. 

  • The N1S is equipped with one MALC laser module rated at 900 ANSI Lumens. 
  • The N1S Ultra is equipped with three MALC laser modules rated at 3,000 ANSI Lumens.

Tech Note: The N1S has 1080p Full HD native resolution, while the N1S Ultra supports 4K UHD resolution via pixel shiting

DLP 4K Pixel Shifting

For added image support JMGO provides Dynamic Light Speckle Reducer Technology (LSR) to reduce laser speckles by an impressive 97%. This means that users will not see  distracting laser speckles that widely exist with tri-laser projectors,

In terms of content access, the projectors provide both physical (including HDMI) and internet connectivity. Google TV provides access to all the key streaming services and the Netflix license in the N1S series a stable Netflix streaming experience. There are also shortcut buttons on the remote for direct access to Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. 

Tech Note: The N1S Series also provides Game Mode, which significantly reduces input lag. 

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For Audio the N1S supplies a 2 x 5-watt speaker system while the N1S Ultra doubles the power output with a built-in 2 x 20-watt speaker system. Both projectors incorporate Dolby Audio and DTS. Users can also connect the projectors to an external soundbar or audio system via HDMI-eARC.

Tech Note: For private listening, both projectors provide 3.5 mm headphone jacks. 

JMGO N1S Projector Audio

Placement and Setup

To make placement and setup easier, both projectors use the pan-and-tilt gimbal design from their predecessor, the N1 Series.

The N1S is designed to facilitate personal entertainment on the go. Its lightweight design, weighing under five pounds, combined with a base designed as a lifting handle, offers users effortless mobility, making it convenient to take the huge screen anywhere. 

The N1S Ultra features an Ultra-Thin 2-axis Gimbal System that allows for rotation adjustment up to 135° vertically and 360° horizontally, offering stable and flexible setup options for optimal viewing angles in any environment.

JMGO N1S Projector Keystone Correction

N1S Series projectors also include smart calibration features such as auto keystone correction and smart focus adjustment. 

With the N1S Ultra JMGO N1S Ultra, the panning-and-tilting gimbal allows users to eaisly adjust the projection angle. As the angle changes, the Multi Adaptive System gets activated and performs keystone correction and focusing simultaneously. 

Auto Screen Fitting and Smart Object Avoidance automatically align the projected image to the screen and avoid obstacles such as power outlets and paintings on the wall.

From Forrest Li, CEO of JMGO: “The JMGO N1S series is the latest addition to our product line with Google TV, designed to provide unmatched immersive viewing experiences,…We are proud to bring this high-performance gimbal projector to the world for home entertainment, a testament to our innovative momentum in our mission to revolutionize user experience.


JMGO N1S Projector compatible with Netflix streaming
JMGO N1S Ultra (Left) and JMGO N1S (Right)
N1S N1S Ultra
€1,199 EUR
$2,499 USD
€2,699 EUR
Display TechnologyDLPDLP
Display Chip TI 0.33″ DMDTI 0.47″ DMD
Resolution1080p (Full HD)4K UHD via Pixel Shifting
Brightness (ANSI Lumens)900 3000
Brightness Uniformity> 95%> 95%
Light SourceTriple color laserTriple color laser
Light Source Life30,000 Hours30,000 Hours
Contrast Ratio1600:11600:1
Color Gamut110% BT. 2020110% BT. 2020
Color AccuracyΔE <1ΔE <1
Color Depth10-bit Color Depth (1.07B colors)10-bit Color Depth (1.07B colors)
Laser Speckle Reduction Rate>97%>97%
Projection ModeFront, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear CeilingFront, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear Ceiling
3D SupportYes – Local Sources + 3D Blu-rayYes – Local Sources + 3D Blu-ray
Throw Ratio1.2:11.2:1
SoC (System on Chip)MediaTek MT9630MediaTek MT9629
OSGoogleTV with licensed NetflixGoogleTV with licensed Netflix
Chromecast Built-inYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
BluetoothVer 5Ver 5
Smart Setup FeaturesMulti Adaptive System
Smart Eye Protection 
Adaptive Brightness
Multi Adaptive System
Smart Eye Protection 
Adaptive Brightness
Auto Screen Fitting
Smart Object Avoidance
Audio CertificationDTS, Dolby AudioDTS, Dolby Audio
Speaker  System2 x 5-watts2 x 10-watts
TuningJMGO Master SoundJMGO Master Sound
Wi-Fi 6YesYes
Wired Connectivity1 x HDMI 2.1(one supports eARC)
1 x USB-A2.0
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
1 x DCPort
1 x HDMI 2.1(one supports eARC)
1 x USB-A2.0
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
1 x DCPort
Fan Noise Level<26dB<26dB
Dimensions7.36 x 6.50 x 7.52in9.49 x 7.99 x 9.29 in
Weight4.41 lb9.92 lb
JMGO N1S Projector watching sports

Initial Impressions

JMGO appears to have upped the game with its compact/portable video projectors. Both the N1S and N1S Ultra continue the trend of incorporating smart features (certified Netflix is a good selling point), without neglecting the overall purpose of a projector to support the display of good-quality images. JMGO provides some innovative setup technologies that make projecting good-quality images easier.

The entry-level N1S provides 900 lumens light output which is higher light output than many compact projectors, but it is still best used in a dark room or, if used outdoors, avoid a location with ambient light sources. 

The “flagship” N1S Ultra takes it to the next level by providing 3,000 lumens of white light output and 4K UHD resolution (via pixel shifting), which should result in better performance in both indoor and outdoor environments, but with a much higher $2,500 price tag you have to dig a little deeper into your wallet. 

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JMGO N1S Projector Lifestyle

Price & Availability

N1S comes in white, while the N1S Ultra is presented in black, offering distinct aesthetic choices to complement different preferences. 

The N1S is now available on the JMGO website, for $999 at Amazon or €1,199 Euro

The N1S Ultra will be available for purchase in June on both Amazon and the JMGO website, priced at $2,499 USD or €2,699 Euro.

Tip: Get the N1 Ultra for $2,299 at Amazon.

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