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Car Speakers

JL Audio C2 Coaxial and Component Car Speakers


JL Audio known globally for their outstanding aftermarket autosound systems has introduced the new C2 Coaxial and Component Audio Systems. JL Audio believes that in order for a car speaker to excel, it must be thoroughly engineered in all areas. The woofer design must deliver sufficient efficiency, smooth mid-range response and good low-frequency extension. The tweeter must be smooth off-axis, exhibit good extension and be non-fatiguing, while the crossover design must seamlessly blend the sound of the drivers so that the end result is clean, realistic audio performance.

In designing the new C2 Coaxial and Component Systems, JL Audio has drawn from their vast experience in woofer design as well as tweeter technologies employed in the new world-class JL Audio C5 component systems. The resulting products deliver a compelling performance solution at a price within reach of any enthusiast seeking a great listening experience.


C2 woofer elements benefit from JL Audio’s expertise in low frequency transducer design. Utilizing the same powerful design tools used in legendary JL Audio subwoofers, the C2 woofer motors are optimized for symmetrical, linear behavior under real-world power and signal conditions. Their mechanical systems are also engineered to not get in the way of the excellent motor behavior. This reduces distortion and improves bass impact and definition.

Unlike most speakers in their price class, the C2’s feature true, edge-driven 0.75-inch (19mm) silk dome tweeters that excel on or off axis and offer clean, flat frequency response to well beyond 20 kHz. Silk is an ideal tweeter diaphragm material thanks to its lightweight, strength, inherently good damping characteristics and environmental stability. These benefits combine to deliver very good efficiency, smooth response and sparkling high frequency detail, without the harshness common in many competitive products. Driving this silk dome, is a powerful motor using high-temperature grade neodymium and ferrofluid-cooling for superior efficiency and long-term fidelity. The 3-way 6×9 model also employs a 2-inch, sealed-back Mylar. cone midrange with a true 3-way crossover design.

C2 Coaxial Systems are available in all popular drop-in factory speaker sizes and have installer-friendly features and frames designed to work equally well as full range speakers or as satellite components in a systems with a subwoofer. Also available are three C2 Component Systems. These systems include flush and surface mount tweeter mounting fixtures and true 2-way outboard crossovers, each with three user-selectable tweeter attenuation levels.

All models, except the 3.5-inch and 5×7/6×8-inch, include front-loading protective grilles with a striking new design that combines black steel mesh with satin silver accents. Electroformed logo nameplates can be positioned on the grilles or elsewhere in the vehicle, according to the needs of the installation.

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Coaxial Systems: Available Now

  • C2-350x: 3.5-inch; MSRP: $99.95/pr.
  • C2-400x: 4-inch; MSRP: $159.95/pr.
  • C2-525x: 5.25-inch; MSRP: $199.95/pr.
  • C2-570x: 5×7/6×8-inch; MSRP: $199.95/pr.
  • C2-600x: 6-inch; MSRP: $199.95/pr.
  • C2-650x: 6.5-inch; MSRP: $199.95/pr.

Available April, 2009

  • C2-690tx: 6×9-inch, 3-Way; MSRP: $299.95/pr.

Component Systems: Available 2nd Quarter, 2009

  • C2-600: 6-inch, 2-way; MSRP: $299.95/pr.
  • C2-650: 6.5-inch, 2-way; MSRP: $299.95/pr.

Available 3rd Quarter, 2009

  • C2-525: 5.25-inch, 2-way; MSRP: $299.95/pr.
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