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Introducing SmX: New Name Lights Up Front-Projection Screens


SmX Proprietary Technologies Set New Standards for Screen Materials and Design

Boca Raton, FL–September 10, 2007–SmX Cinema Solutions Corporation, known in top Hollywood post production studios for their unparalleled, acoustically transparent projection screens, brings to home theaters the very same technology that Hollywood produces the movies with. SmX is changing the way custom home theater installers view high-end projection movie screens as the company introduces its unique projection-screen lines featuring a proprietary patent-pending material called CineWeave HD–an audio-transparent material that provides images and soundstages as Hollywood intended them to be seen and heard.

“Our goal is straightforward,” says SmX founder Ruben Ortiz. “We expect SmX to redefine the value/performance equation in video projection screens for the serious enthusiast as well as newcomers to the video projection world.” Ortiz continues, “Clearly, that’s a very ambitious objective, but our confidence in our technology leaves little doubt of accomplishing it. Whether flat or curved, fixed or masked, SmX products boast impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.”

The SmX story will be familiar to the countless video enthusiasts who followed the creation of the company from the AVScience forum. SmX was born of Ortiz’s quest to find the perfect projection-screen solution after he had learned that the acoustically transparent projection-screen options available embodied one key design flaw or another. After countless hours of research and development, and listening online to the many unhappy consumers looking for a better solution, Ortiz set out to engineer a superior solution. The result is SmX’s proprietary CineWeave HD audio-transparent screen, an entirely new woven video projection material designed for high definition projectors that delivers a combination of features–positive picture gain, moire-free video, freedom from reflective artifacts, wide-angle viewing, acoustic transparency, and color neutrality–that has previously been unavailable.

Ortiz’s success can be measured by the sensation his screen has caused across the high-end home theater forums and by the desire of many high-end custom designers and several well-known movie-industry professionals to replicate it. As Ortiz and a few associates worked to answer the demands of these initial “customers,” a company was born.

SmX’s initial offerings are headlined by CineWeave HD, its proprietary patent-pending screen material that combining the highest gain (+1.16) of any woven, audio-transparent screen currently available with numerous key benefits never before available together. Among these are:
• CineWeave HD is guaranteed moire-free with all digital and non-digital projectors when used with SmX’s patent-pending frame systems.

• CineWeave HD boasts a smooth, flat, acoustically transparent audio response without comb-filtering that requires no screen EQ–none–to correct for screen losses. (CineWeave HD imposes a response downtilt of a whopping 1.5dB from approximately 15-22kHz–in actual fact, an advantage to most nearer-field home theater seatings.)

• CineWeave HD delivers an unprecedented 160° viewing angle with no loss of gain, for equal brightness from edge-to-edge regardless of seating position, and a clear, smoothly consistent image completely free of hot-spotting.

• CineWeave HD’s proprietary screen material contributes demonstrably increased contrast without resorting to loss-inducing gray tones, as well as enhanced subjective sharpness.

• CineWeave HD is wholly free from reflective artifacts or “sparklies” because it does not resort to the pearlescent mineral additives most high-gain screens must employ.

• CineWeave HD has no visible perforations and is visually continuous from any seating location: its voids are more than three times smaller than even those of micro-perf screens, yet provide superior acoustical performance.

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The SmX projection screen lineup includes, the Pro-Line and Pro-Curv uniquely strong, effective, patent-pending screen-framing system. These, extensively engineered, custom-tooled lightweight aluminum extrusions of unparalleled strength and rigidity effectively and indefinitely maintain a perfect screen material stretch. They also feature genuine black-velvet trimming (demonstrably superior to other flocked materials), unique acoustic insulation, and an innovative screen mounting system for fast, easy on-site adjustment to counter act moire with all digital projectors.

SmX also has developed the versatile Pro-Mask screen-masking system–the first masking system to offer six aspect-ratio settings by standard remote control–and unique Pro-Curv fixed-curved screen system for dramatic, Cinemascope-like screen installations.

About SmX Cinema Solutions (
Established in 2007, SmX Cinema Solutions is based in Boca Raton, FL where they design and manufacture high-end home theater projection screens without compromise. The SmX patent-pending CineWeaveHD screen material provides an enhanced visual and audio experience as Hollywood intended the, to be seen and heard. The company’s 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects sets a new standard in the audio-video industry.

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