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IKONVERGENZ Launches Complete IDTV Solutions for DVB-T and ATSC Markets

IKONVERGENZ, the first Singapore-based R&D Centre to offer production-ready integrated digital TV (IDTV) to TV manufacturers for immediate mass production for the DVB-T markets has included IDTV solution for ATSC reception in the product portfolio. Customers using IKONVERGENZ solutions are offered the flexibility of just switching the digital module to address either the DVB-T or ATSC markets without changing the Industrial Design (ID).

Singapore, 5 January 2006 — IKONVERGENZ launched its complete integrated digital TV (IDTV) solutions at the 2006 International CES in Las Vegas, USA today. The complete production-ready IDTV solutions allow TV manufacturers to address and mass produce immediately for any DVB-T and ATSC market.

IKONVERGENZ production-ready IDTV solution has been carefully designed and developed to provide TV manufacturers with the necessary solution to effectively and efficiently address the global digital market. The solution comprised of the necessary hardware and software architectures for the analogue TV to be transformed into an IDTV, with the ability to receive both digital and analogue reception.

An interesting feature of the IKONVERGENZ IDTV solution is the Off-Air download where the TV software can be automatically updated from terrestrial broadcast with the latest software via the TV tuner. Since IDTVs are more complex than computers and TV software cannot be update via internet or CD-Rom, the Off-Air download feature not only offers greater convenience for TV manufacturers, but also allows greater savings on investment, time and resources.

For customers planning to address the UK market, MHEG-5 software integration is available immediately as an optional feature in the IKONVERGENZ solution. The MHEG-5 provides a more complex structure where information is made accessible alongside the television program. MHEG-5 is an interactive application that is very similar to the teletext feature but with more graphics and a nicer on-screen display.

IKONVERGENZ IDTV solution also includes technology features that are proprietary to IKONVERGENZ, such as ImageAutomiser and ContrastCompensater, which automatically selects the best settings for still and moving pictures and also optimizes picture contrast to provide maximum realistic viewing contrast without affecting picture performance. Another proprietary feature includes 3D CombVirtual, whereby 3D Comb filter is made available on software, thus freeing extra memory required on hardware. This lowers the bill of material for TV manufacturers without compromising on the feature.

The IKONVERGENZ patented global board solution allows the same board to drive LCD panels ranging from 20″ to 42″ while addressing the respective PAL, NTSC and SECAM market at the same time. TV manufacturers have the flexibility of producing a single PCB for the different markets needs while saving time and money in manufacturing, logistic and warehousing.


For more information, please contact:
Donald Tan
Tel: +65.6483 1266 x 128
Email: donald.tan[…]

IKONVERGENZ Pte Ltd offers production-ready digital (DVB-T / ATSC) and analogue (PAL / NTSC / SECAM) LCD TV solutions to manufacturers for immediate mass production. Based on experience and strong understanding of the TV markets, IKONVERGENZ provides field-tested solutions that are designed-for-manufacturing, which allows TV manufacturers fast-time-to-market, lower manufacturing cost, lower inventory cost, lower logistic cost, lower dead stocks level and minimal investments in R&D. All of IKONVERGENZ solutions are field-tested in the country of sale and protected with patented intellectual properties. For more information, please visit .

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