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At the Heart of Every Successful Company is Sustaining the Highest Level of Reliability

The path in which a company travels to reach success is often littered with companies that somehow lost their sense of direction. While there is no definitive map that a company can follow to reach their end goal there is certainly a blueprint from which they can base their first step. For companies that choose to ignore a prudent business plan the likelihood of them falling by the wayside is dramatically increased compared to those who learn from the mistakes of others and implement sound practices that will prevent a similar outcome for their business.

At the heart of every successful company is a belief in creating and sustaining the highest level of reliability. Using this as a cornerstone in building their business infrastructure these companies earn the trust and loyalty of their customers and clients and continue to grow.

In today’s business world that cornerstone of reliability is placed primarily on a company’s computer network system. With companies using their computers for communication, sales, delivery, documents and so much more the need for maintaining these systems can’t be underestimated.

Failure to protect their computer network system from potential problems will quickly result in a company’s struggle to sustain their reputation for reliability.

One of the most dangerous problems facing a company’s computer network system is fragmentation. This computer disease has the ability to hold your network hostage, causing lengthy delays and costing countless dollars. Because fragmentation is a disease it will get progressively worse until it ultimately results in the crash of the network system.

Unlike a virus fragmentation is not born from an outside source but rather from the very files that exist on a hard drive. This is because hard drives store files in a contiguous manner, leaving no room for saved files to be modified without causing a problem. That problem crops up when one of those saved files is changed and will no longer fit in the same space the original file once occupied. Unable to keep the file saved as a single piece of information the hard drive cuts the excess data and stores it in the next available space, this is now a fragmented file.

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It’s not hard to see how this could lead to serious problems for a company that relies on their network to produce quick and accurate results. For most companies the modification of a file is common practice. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, inventory list, shipping manifest or anything else these simple files could end up being fragmented into thousands of pieces. Each time one of these files is recalled it takes the hard drive longer and longer to deliver the request because it is forced to search for all the pieces that make up that single file.

As the fragmented files continue to multiply on a hard drive the speed in which the computer operates continues to slow. This slowdown effects every aspect of a company’s business as simple tasks like sending and receiving emails becomes delayed, Internet browsing is sluggish, loading applications and files becomes a lengthy process, even booting up the system takes valuable minutes from the company’s day.

Lost minutes turn into lost dollars and will eventually result in lost customers and clients as a company’s reliability takes a serious hit.

Fortunately there is a solution to this potentially devastation computer disease and it comes in the form of defragmentation software. When it comes to protecting the integrity and reliability of a computer network system there is nothing more valuable than defrag. This is because defragmentation software is designed to clean the hard drive of fragmented files by joining the fragmented pieces of a file and saving it as a single unit.

By this simple act alone a hard drive’s speed is restored and its reliability reestablished. The truly great aspect of defragmentation software is that it continues to monitor the hard drive, preventing files from becoming fragmented in the future.

For companies who are serious about building a reputation for reliability and earning the trust of their customers and clients there really is no better start than protecting their computer network system from fragmention.

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