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DVIGear Expands DVI Fiber Cable Product Range


DVIGear Expands DVI Fiber Cable Product Range
New Products and Lower Prices Enhance DVIGear’s Growing Product Line

Chapel Hill, NC — July 12, 2005 — DVIGear, a leading manufacturer of digital connectivity products, announced an expanded range of high performance DVI Fiber cables that offer system integrators greater performance and flexibility for designing advanced display systems. “In the past, DVI signals have been notoriously difficult to distribute over longer distances,” said Steven Barlow, president of DVIGear. “DVIGear is committed to solving these problems by making high quality digital signal distribution of DVI and HDMI sources easy and hassle-free.”

Expanded Range of DVI Fiber Cables

DVIGear’s fiber-optic cables provide the absolute highest level of signal performance and transparency regardless of cable length and signal resolution. Designed to overcome the limitations of traditional copper cables, these cables incorporate four state-of-the-art fiber optic TMDS transducers in each connector to convert the electrical DVI signal into light pulses at the source end of the cable, and then back to DVI at the display end. The cables also incorporate internal copper lines for DDC signals and +5VDC power. “Our DVI fiber-optic cables are almost as pliable as our copper cables and enable the connection of remote displays and sources without signal artifacts common to conventional cables,” said Barlow. “These fiber cables are compatible with 720p, 1080i and 1080p sources, making them the ideal solution for all HDTV display applications, now or in the future.”

Key features of these cables include:

• Support HDTV resolutions up to 1080p
• Support PC resolutions to 1920×1200 / 60 Hz
• Optical fibers immune to signal noise
• Low RFI/EMI for sensitive applications

To make these high performance cables readily available to a wider range of customers, DVIGear has lowered the prices for all cables and has added three new lengths:

To make these high performance cables readily available to a wider range of customers, DVIGear has lowered the prices for all cables and has added three new lengths:

DVI-2310-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 10 meters (33 ft.), $485 Suggested List Price
DVI-2315-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 15 meters (49 ft.), $575 Suggested List Price – NEW
DVI-2320-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 20 meters (66 ft.), $645 Suggested List Price
DVI-2325-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 25 meters (82 ft.), $730 Suggested List Price – NEW
DVI-2330-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 30 meters (98 ft.), $795 Suggested List Price
DVI-2350-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 50 meters (164 ft.), $1,175 Suggested List Price
DVI-2375-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 75 meters (246 ft.), $1,665 Suggested List Price – NEW
DVI-2300-FO — Cable DVI-D Fiber Optic, 100 meters (328 ft.), $2,225 Suggested List Price

To order these products or to get additional information, please go to or call DVIGear at 888.463.9927. For marketing support materials, including high-resolution photos, please contact Sara Abrons at 919.969.6681, x121 or

About DVI Gear:

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DVIGear has been recognized as the leading expert in digital connectivity solutions since 1999, when DVI and DFP technology first appeared on professional and consumer electronics markets. Originally founded by Gary Kayye and Jody Thomas, DVI Gear is now under the leadership of 25-year projection veteran Steven Barlow.


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