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Digital Music Insight Report

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Digital Music Insight to their offering.

This unique, cutting-edge research product is specifically aimed at professionals who want to understand what is coming next in the digital music arena. Solutions and opportunity-orientated, Digital Music InSight provides fresh, innovative thinking that will cause you to seriously reflect on your product plans and market strategy.

Digital Music InSight offers comprehensive coverage of the entire digital music arena by including all delivery platforms such as online, mobile, radio and TV and all consumption environments including, for example, home, personal and car.

Published weekly throughout the year, each edition of Digital Music InSight is provided as a short-form management report of typically 10 pages, perfect for time-pressured executives that want maximum market insight with minimum fuss.

Our people all possess hard-won product, marketing and business experience derived from years spent working in operational roles in the technology industry. We are ‘can-do’ people who have a nose for an opportunity and in Digital Music InSight we are interested in identifying and describing business and product opportunities that are either at or beyond the leading edge of what’s happening in the market. Equally, we are interested in understanding how the industry can surmount the barriers that are currently hindering its development.

Our research team are in daily contact with a diverse range of executives who work in a diverse range of companies including recording studios, mobile operators, audio equipment makers, digital media brands, record labels, venture capital firms and we are even actively involved in the music scene in our local area. We routinely call industry professionals to understand what is foremost in their minds, discuss our ideas and share thinking.

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Because the digital music industry is developing so quickly it is not possible to pre-determine a whole year’s research involving 50 reports or about 500 pages. Instead, we are constantly researching a broad range of pertinent topics in parallel and by choosing each week’s topic on an on-going basis, we can ensure that each issue of Digital Music InSight has relevance to market developments at the time. Examples of actual topics appear below:

– Music Discovery: Unleashing the Long Tail

Review of Services, Analysis and Future Developments
Today’s implementation of music search begins with an assumption that the user already knows the name of the artist or song they are looking for. But what if they don’t? What if the need is more general, such as a user that wants an hour or so of Hawaiian music for a theme party? Or perhaps someone has developed a liking for a particular song and simply wants to find more music that sounds similar, in terms of mood, tempo etc.

These more open-ended user requirements will be addressed by music discovery services that will form a new market which will develop in parallel to music search. This report profiles the key companies operating in the music discovery market, describes how the various services work and explains future developments.

– Digital Music: Available Soon on Your TV

Analysing the Role of the Television Platform
Having made its debut on the PC platform, digital music has now spread onto the mobile platform. So far, the television platform has not been targeted by online music brands while TV broadcasters have been reticent in using their existing delivery infrastructure to enter the music retail business. But things are changing.

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This report analyses how the television will be used by online music brands, broadcasters and telecoms providers as digital music spreads further onto the television platform. A detailed description of a future ‘TV Music’ service is provided with screenshots of the user experience and architecture diagrams.

– Mobile Content Delivery: Direct to Consumer

How to Avoid Premium SMS and Minimise Data Charges
Across the board, digital media retail brands and content providers are unhappy with the commercial models used to deliver mobile content directly to consumers.

The frustrations are the same everywhere: PSMS outpayments from mobile operators are too low and standard data charges make the delivery of heavyweight music and video files too expensive for the user. This report describes solutions for both of these problems.

– Emerging Business Models Music Communities:

Taking MySpace to a New Level
Driven by technology, consumer behaviour is exhibiting a generational shift and fundamental changes are occurring in many areas. One area is the appearance of online communities such as MySpace and Lunarstorm which are being used for self-expression and interaction.

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Soon, these trends will start appearing within the music industry where the fan bases of artists will be able to express themselves by personalising their own web spaces and interacting with fellow fans in an artist-focussed community that looks and feels like a mini MySpace.

This report describes a multi-faceted opportunity that will be interesting to artists, labels, advertisers, brands and platform providers, who will see opportunities both within the music industry and across multiple entertainment categories that include music, TV, film and gaming.

– The Digital Home: A New Dawn for Hi-Fi

Analysing the Future of Home Audio
So far, digital music has been a PC-centric phenomenon which has developed without disturbing the cloistered world of home audio. But for digital entertainment purposes, 2006 marks the end of the PC era and a raft of new product announcements and partnerships at CES 2006 provides clear evidence that digital music is finally crawling out of the bedroom and will soon arrive in the living room, alongside the home hi-fi.

What does this trend mean for the traditional home audio industry? If, eventually, the CD goes the same way as vinyl and broadband internet lines are routinely connected to a fast-emerging category of digital home entertainment systems, rather than PCs, then the home audio industry will be transformed.

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