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CES05 Launch for VINCENT high-end tube hybrid electronics

Press Release – NO EMBARGO
CES 2005 January 5 2005

imported by Trian Electronics
Alexis Park room AP 1103

VINCENT CES 2005 launch for brand new
“Affordable High-End” Tube Hybrid line

Five stunning looking tube / transistor hybrid
designs, with build quality and performance
that transcend their price

Whether it’s the smooth fluidity of a jazz combo,
the hard driving rhythms of alternative rock or the
subtle detail of a chamber orchestra, Vincent Hybrid
components deliver generous sound-staging with the
power and subtle detail to handle any kind of music

The hybrid tube / transistor designs are perfect for
the music enthusiast who prefers the warmth and
detail of tubes, without sacrificing the power and
control solid state offers.

Vincent Tube Hybrid Line

SA-T1 Pre-amp $1,495.00
SP-T100 Monoblock Amp (Pair) $2,595.00
SV-236 Integrated Amp $1,795.00
CD-S6 mkII CD Player $1,895.00
ST-U2 AM/FM Tuner $1,095.00

all products in classic silver finish

Vincent SA-T1 Stereo hybrid vacuum tube preamp $1,495.00
When Vincent set out to design the SA-T1 hybrid tube preamplifier they took their time, painstakingly researching every detail until each stage of the preamplifier was created without compromise. With each design consideration came extensive listening sessions to be certain that the end result was one of the most stunningly musical preamps on the market. Four independent vacuum tube stages oriented in unique proprietary design configurations create a delicate and detailed soundstage. The elegant chassis styling not only looks great, but is essential to the SA-T1 sound quality. Careful component layout and shielding insure quiet playback while retaining full dynamic range. Whatever your musical tastes, the SA-T1 will provide you with the most enjoyable listening experience possible.

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Vincent SP-T100 Hybrid vacuum tube monophonic power amplifier $2,595.00 (Pair)
Vincent created the SP-T100 hybrid tube power amplifier with the same design parameters as the matchingSA-T1 preamp, carefully researching every detail of the design with listening sessions confirming the design decisions and the end result creating one of the finest, most musical power amps available. Vacuum tube-based Class A input stage configuration complements the solid state output stage which is capable of operating in either pure class A for the ultimate in rich detail and imaging, or Class AB with over 200 watts of power for effortless transients and drive capabilities. Whatever your desire or taste the SA-T100 amplifiers will provide stunning musical enjoyment.

Vincent SV-236 Hybrid vacuum tube integrated stereo amplifier $1,795.00
The SV 236 demonstrates the ultimate in passion and elegance. Whether it’s the smooth fluidity of a jazz combo, the hard driving rhythms of alternative rock or the subtle detail of a chamber orchestra, the Vincent SV236 provides a generous soundstage with power and subtle detail perfect for any kind of music. The hybrid tube / transistor design the SV236 provides is perfect for the music enthusiast that prefers the warmth and detail of tubes without sacrificing the power and control solid state offers.

Particular care was taken with respect to the shielding, input relays, as well as the remote control circuitry. Each is complete with shielded compartments, including the volume control, which hides behind a wall of steel. Two lateral walls of cooling ribs insure the purity of sound. Double-triode tube circuitry of the pre-amplifier dictates the low level integrity while the solid state output transistors, configured in pure Class-A mode, preserve the amplifier’s sonic warmth, providing deep, controlled bass while preventing distortion.

Vincent CD-S6 mkII Hybrid vacuum tube CD player $1,895.00
A masterpiece of sonic excellence, the CD-S6 mkII offers a stunningly outstanding musical portrait in an elegant and classy design. True class A configured vacuum tube output stage surrounds the latest in cutting edge D/A conversion to provide a warm, rich and detailed soundstage with subtlety and finesse, while maintaining the energy and dynamics needed to maintain your favorite music’s energy and spirit. While capable of hearing the wood of the grand piano or strings of the electric bass, the CD-S6 mkII re-defines the spirit of music.

ST-U2 AM/FM RDS Hybrid vacuum tube tuner $1,095.00
Whether it’s Garrison Keiller, the local college alterative station or your favorite 80’s rock station, the ST-U2 was designed to leave you believing you were listening to a CD rather than broadcast radio. Designed with the same attention to detail as the other units in the hybrid range, no element was left out. Each stage of the ST-U2 provides exceptional detail, soundstage and dynamic range at a level rarely experienced with broadcast radio.


VINCENT is an exciting new force in the design and sale of sophisticated hi-fi and home theater components. Products are distributed through independent marketing firms worldwide. Corporate headquarters are located in Germany.

TRIAN ELECTRONICS, INC. is an importer and distributor of high-end professional audio and consumer audio products, including ELAC loudspeakers, Thorens turntables and Vincent audio components from Germany and Audia Flight from Italy, serving the broadcast, studio, contracting and hi-fi markets, with corporate headquarters located at 5812 Highway K, Waunakee, WI 53597.

elac, thorens,
audia flight and vincent
hi-fi and home cinema electronics and
loudspeakers plus audiophile turntables
distributed by trian in the usa


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