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Bel Canto e.One S125 / REF150S Stereo Amplifiers and Light Link 24/96


Exciting New Amp, and Accessory Products

New! The e.One S125 Stereo Amplifier
New! The REF150S Stereo Amplifier
New! The 24/96 USB Light Link

Bel Canto Design, Ltd. announced a host of new products including the S125 Stereo Amplifier, the REF150S Stereo Amplifier and the 24/96 USB Light Link.

The e.One S125 Stereo Amplifier
A powerful 65 watts into 8 ohms, 130 into 4 ohm loads
The e.One REF150S Stereo Amplifier
A more powerful and refined 75 watts into 8 ohms, 150 into 4 ohm loads
Both available now!

Bel Canto’s amplifier line includes the e.One S125 and REF150S. The S125 features a powerhouse 117dB dynamic range, doubling its power into 4 ohm speakers. The custom input stage improves drive to the amplifier for lower noise and less distortion. Fully-regulated low-heat, ultra-efficient switch-mode power supplies and class-A analog output control circuitry make possible Bel Canto’s eco-friendly compact designs.

The higher spec REF150 is about more than a few extra watts. Like all REF series amps they’re fitted with greater power supply rectification and filtering than non-REF amps that substantially increase the power supply’s energy storage. They’re manufactured with carefully selected high-speed, low-noise rectifiers, high-voltage film filter capacitors and high energy storage capacity. What this means for you is lower noise, reduced sensitivity to power line effects, and an overall sweeter sound.

The REF150S and S125 side by side:

Features Common to Both Amplifiers

  • 117dB dynamic range
  • Power output at 1% distortion: 125w 4 ohms, 65w 8 ohms per channel
  • Output Noise: 35uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz
  • Fully-balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs
  • RCA input impedance: 100Kohms
  • XLR balanced input impedance: 200Kohms
  • Green, eco-friendly, low-heat, low noise, low power consumption

The 24/96 Light Link
24-bit/96kHz Digital USB-to-ST High Speed Glass-Fiber
Available Now
If you’ve gathered much of your music on hard disk you’ve without doubt thought of how to keep your computer handy while running a long USB connection to your DAC. Of course, USB is only good for about 15 feet and you may need more. Enter the 24/96 Light Link; run a USB cable to its input and it converts the signal to ST High Speed Glass-Fiber which does long runs with ease and further decouples the computer from your audio system. At the other end plug the Light Link into an ST Glass-Fiber input and the job is done! Now you don’t have to get up for anything!

The ST Glass-Fiber Light Link 24/96:
ST Glass-Fiber Light Link 24/96

Bel Canto

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About Bel Canto
Bel Canto Design has developed award-winning products for more than 15 years using the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices. Included in the Bel Canto line are a series of CD players, DACs, integrated amps, mono and two-channel amplifiers, an analog preamp, a companion phono stage with adjustable cartridge loading, and the USB Link 24/96 USB-to-SPDIF converter with more products you want on the way.

Our music products are made in Minnesota, and we subscribe to low-impact production methods that put little waste back into the system. Reduced packaging volume and lower transport weight reduces our environmental impact. We reuse or recycle more than 99% of the packing materials found in our incoming parts shipments, and each year we divert massive amounts of cardboard, paper, plastic film, and Styrofoam from landfills. Steel, aluminum, and other metal waste products are recycled and returned to the production stream.

Bel Canto Design, Ltd. * Minneapolis MN * USA *

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