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Axiom Audio EP800 Subwoofer


DSP-Controlled, 800-Watt Subwoofer Delivers Extremely Linear Bass Response Down to an Unprecedented 12 Hz

Axiom Audio, a leader in quality loudspeaker manufacturing, today took its world-class extended low frequency (XLF) intelligent DSP subwoofer line to an even greater level of performance with the debut of its EP800 subwoofer, the most linear subwoofer in the world. Unleashing a maximum anechoic SPL of 114 dB (125 dB in-room), the 800-watt EP800 is the first DSP-controlled subwoofer to deliver extremely linear, profoundly deep bass to frequencies as low as 12 Hz–low enough to shake anything (including your perceptions of what subwoofers can do).

“The goal of the EP800 was to create a subwoofer with the greatest linearity, deepest bass extension (to 12 Hz) and output of any subwoofer ever made,” said Ian Colquhoun, president and chief designer of Axiom Audio. “By combining an innovative mix of audio engineering technologies, we’ve been able to achieve this goal. Audiophiles who appreciate impressive frequency response are going to love the EP800.”

Unique among Axiom Audio’s subwoofer products, the EP800 employs two 12-inch, long-throw aluminum-cone woofers in a sealed enclosure. While other products combine a single speaker with a tuned port, the dual parallel-wired drivers in the EP800 (the EP stands for EPicenter, as in earthquake) generate more sound per watt, ensuring astonishing output at all frequencies thanks to the 800-watt internal amplifier.

Axiom Audio EP800 SPL Chart

The EP800’s unusually linear SPL is attributable to a new DSP (Digital Signal Processing) programming algorithm written exclusively for the product. The “intelligent” DSP automatically and dynamically manages distortion at the lowest frequencies, ensuring that the EP800 will never produce audible distortion while pumping out clear, distinct renditions of the most visceral movie and TV effects.

The EP800’s anechoic frequency response is +/-1 dB from 13 Hz to 150 Hz; at +/-3 dB it is 12 Hz to 150 Hz. Further enhancing the EP800’s low-end performance is a Selectable Subsonic Filter that can be set, at the owner’s discretion, to stop bass output below 20 Hz for playback of vinyl LP records. Selectable crossover frequencies are set for 40, 60, 80, 100 and 150 Hz.

Axiom Audio’s EP800 subwoofer is housed in a 45-1/2″ H x 15″ W x 17″ D (1156mm x 381mm x 432mm) solid wood cabinet available in Black Oak, Boston Cherry, Mansfield Beech and Light Maple. Through the company’s customized fabrication program, the EP800 can be finished in any of six real-wood veneers, six stain options or three gloss finishes; also available are sixteen vinyl finishes, three accessory metals and six grille colors, giving owners an incredible 2,082 possible combinations.

The EP800 subwoofer is priced at $2,350.00 (U.S.) and is available direct from the company; sales price includes all taxes and free delivery in the U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii, with a modest up charge for delivery to Puerto Rico and Mexico. Canadians also receive free delivery with no provincial sales taxes. To learn more or to place an order go to:

About Axiom Audio:
Axiom Audio has been designing, engineering and manufacturing award-winning high-end, high-value loudspeakers since 1980. The company’s products feature transparent, wide-range sound developed through double-blind listening tests and extensive research. As a testament to its emphasis on quality design, Axiom Audio’s loudspeakers have received multiple Product Of The Year honors from the Consumer Electronics Show as well as virtually every major audiophile media source. A 100% Internet-based company, privately owned Axiom Audio services a worldwide customer base from its headquarters and manufacturing facilities situated in the unspoiled Muskoka district of Ontario. To learn more about Axiom, visit

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