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Axiom Audio M1, M2, M3 Computer Speakers (2015)

Axiom Audio M1, M2, M3 Computer Speaker and EP100 Subwoofer

Axiom Audio today introduced their second series of computer speakers in three sizes from $500 to $658. These High Power computer speakers are based on the company’s M1, M2 and M3 bookshelf speaker models, and produce 75 watts per channel for life-like output. Axiom is also releasing a companion 200-watt EP100 subwoofer for $400. Pre-order pricing will knock 30% off the price until March 31, 2015.

The speakers feature rigid aluminum cone woofers, crystal clear titanium tweeters, and a unique Anti-Standing-Wave cabinet that reduces any internal resonances that can color sound.

Axiom Audio M1 Computer Speaker

The smallest model, the M1, uses Axiom’s newest full 1-inch tweeter and a four-inch midbass driver. The M2 High Powered Computer Speaker increases the woofer to a 5.25-inch version for greater output.

For people who love to listen to high-resolution audio files or play the latest high-definition games, the M3 version with its 6.5-inch woofer is the natural choice. Each of the models also feature a 3.5mm jack for users who would like to attach a music player directly to the speaker.

The EP100 subwoofer features a self-contained 200-watt amplifier and a High Powered 6.5″ woofer. Though the EP100 was first conceived as a subwoofer to go with Axiom’s new line of computer speakers, it is powerful enough to also be used in a small room home theatre system with any of the bookshelf, in-wall or on-wall speakers in the company’s lineup. The subwoofer features Axiom’s exclusive Vortex porting and a pure cast-aluminum basket 6.5-inch woofer, producing smooth deep bass output in small spaces.

Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker explained the reason the company wanted to design a computer speaker in what seems like an already crowded market. “We wanted to address one of the issues we see with many systems on the market: insufficient dynamic playback capability. We have addressed this with speakers capable of high dynamic range and very powerful internal amplification. Typically in these sorts of systems we see 10 watt, 15 watt, maybe 20 watt per channel amplifiers, but this is not enough to experience real dynamic range. To address that, we went with a full powered amplifier, 75 watts times two channels, which is more than enough output level for anything that is going to be used in a computer system.”

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That power benefits one of the speakers’ primary audiences, Welker continued. “One thing that’s also excellent with having a system with lots of head room and good dynamics is if you’re a gamer, these are the perfect systems. They’ll give you far more output than today’s typical computer speakers.”

Axiom Audio M2 Computer Speaker

Another issue found in most computer speakers on the market is the quality of the sound card. Often, the sound card is seated inside the computer with all the electrical noise that comes from the power supply and other components. Axiom addressed this by incorporating a USB DAC, or Digital to Analog Converter that transfers the sound digitally to the speaker. This eliminates any noise issues and creates far better fidelity than the standard sound card. If you already have either an inboard or outboard high quality sound card you can use the 3.5mm input jack on our new computer speakers.

The High Power Computer Speakers take advantage of the company’s Canadian manufacturing facility to not only offer two standard finishes (Ebony and Charcoal Gray), but also an almost-limitless number of custom finishes, from high-gloss black to match a cutting-edge monitor bezel, to rich walnut to match an antique desk.

Price and Availability
Axiom is offering 30%-off pre-orders until March 31, 2015 (M1 $349, M2 $418, M3 $460, EP100 $279). The speakers will begin shipping in May 2015 at these prices:

M1 (4-inch model) $499
M2 (5.25-inch model) $598
M3 (6-5-inch model) $658
EP100 Subwoofer $399

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