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ATON Introduces New Products and Technologies at CEDIA EXPO 2007

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Company Overview:

ATON products are designed using multiple control and distribution technologies to provide easy-to-install systems that route, control, and deliver audio and video content throughout the home. The company’s core technologies include RF (radio frequency), IR (infrared), and Cat5 (Category 5) digital distribution of audio and video. Organized in late 2005 as a development group, the company has been working on key products aimed at providing innovative, affordable systems for consumers. The company is based in Lexington, Ky., and sells through a distribution network to custom installers. More information is available at

Introducing ATON Products and Technologies at CEDIA EXPO 2007:

ATON DLA Two-, Four-, and Six-Room Speaker Selectors for Speaker-Level Audio Routing

The ATON DLA (Dynamic Level Adjustment) speaker selector for routing speaker level audio is based on patent-pending technology that offers impedance matching, multiple-room volume adjustment, and power source monitoring for maximum power to all speakers. Easily connected to home theater and stereo receivers, DLA selectors can route audio to up to six pairs of wired speakers throughout the home. Utilizing a logic circuit for routing and monitoring speaker-level power, DLA selectors simultaneously protect the speaker and the amplifier from damage. With an optional RF remote, users can turn on all rooms at their pre-programmed volume levels with the touch of a “scene” button, adjust volume and mute settings in each room, and turn all rooms off. In addition, DLA selectors can control all connected audio sources, such as CD players and radio tuners, with optional in-room IR receivers or touchpads. The optional ATON RF remote, the industry’s first RF speaker-level controller, provides wireless control of the speaker selectors from anywhere inside or outside the home up to 200 feet away, and allows for easier installation. Each DLA selector features an electronically controlled potentiometer, built with the highest-grade materials available to ensure super-flat frequency response and high-power handling (125 W).

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ATON DH44 Digital Cat5 Audio Distribution

The ATON DH44 Cat5 audio distribution system is an end-to-end digital, multi-room solution for superior sound quality and noise immunity. Designed to work with standard audio/video components, the DH44 provides digital input, digital audio transmission, and digital amplification. Additionally, the DH44 converts analog signals to digital for use through the system. Installation is simply a matter of running a Cat5 wire from the hub to each touchpad location, and running speaker wire from the touchpad to the speakers. The system architecture allows for future two-way system touchpads and metadata source components such as iPODs and XM Radio.

ATON HDR44 HD Video Router Over Cat5

With the ATON HDR44 HD video router, consumers can now watch HD video combined with SPDIF digital or analog audio content from up to four TVs in their home. Because the HDR44 video router requires only two Cat5 cables, pre-wiring and retrofitting expenses are significantly reduced. The router distributes four high-definition or component video sources, in tandem with SPDIF digital or analog audio to four zones (expandable to eight) over two Cat5 wires to each zone, up to 500 feet away. Each zone utilizes a low profile, single-gang Decora wall plate (R44WP) that fits neatly behind flat panel displays and outputs all video and audio to the display and/or in-room audio/video receiver. The HDR44 is controlled by plugging an included IR receiver into the R44WP wall plate and using the included slimline IR remote. In addition, any standard learning remote can control the HDR44 as well as all connected sources using the HDR44’s built-in IR engine.

ATON Storm Series Speakers

Voiced by a team of musicians at ATON’s own sound labs, the ATON Storm series of in-wall, ceiling, LCR home theater, and outdoor speakers balances clarity, accuracy, and power to create the ultimate audio and home theater surround sound experience at exceptional price points. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor audio applications, and designed to blend in with any home environment, the ATON Storm series offers a full range of flexible configurations and optimal features, such as custom driver materials and network components, waveguide pivoting tweeters, high power handling, and excellent off-axis frequency response.

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ATON IR Accessories and RF Remotes

The ATON line of infrared (IR) accessories complements all ATON systems and works equally well in stand-alone IR distribution applications. The line includes plasma-friendly IR receivers, IR emitters, and an amplified IR distribution block. An IR distribution kit includes everything needed for a basic IR repeater system.

The ATON wireless RF remote and receiver kits designed for the ATON DLA speaker selector series give the user convenient control over any room’s audio system from inside or outside the house. The RF remote gives instant control over volume, mute, all on/off, and unique “sound scene” commands from any location up to 200 feet away. Available in two-, four-, or six-room configurations, the DLA RF remote and receiver kit is optimized for outdoor applications in which wireless control is essential.

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