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Astell&Kern and Campfire Audio Unveil the Pathfinder IEM

The $1899 Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM is handcrafted in the USA and features a completely new design.

Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM with cable

Astell&Kern and Campfire Audio have teamed up for a second time to release a new IEM under the Astell&Kern brand called the Pathfinder which will retail for $1,899. This newly designed hybrid IEM is said not be based on a previous Campfire IEM. 

Pathfinder has a new Dual-Chamber Balanced Armature (BA) Driver from Knowles for the key part of the midrange, two BA drivers for high frequencies, as well as two dynamic drivers with a hybrid diaphragm that create bass and midrange. 

Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM Exploded Structure

Knowles’ new ‘Dual Chamber’ Balanced Armature Driver, used for the first time ever in Pathfinder, is an innovative driver in which a single coil operates two individual diaphragms. It’s like a twin cylinder engine – delivering more horsepower and smoother operation compared to one with a single, larger piston.

Compared to a traditional BA with a single, larger diaphragm, the all-new design incorporates two chambers, each housing its own diaphragm and drive rod actuated by a single coil, resulting in a higher, more powerful output for its size than any other BA and is excellent at expressing a warmer and more natural midrange.

Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM Side Views

A Radial Venting Acoustic Chamber, newly developed by Campfire Audio, is applied to Dual Custom 10mm Dynamic Drivers. The 3D-printed chamber design naturally expresses the intense low-frequency sound produced by the two dynamic drivers while preserving the unique sound of the BA driver.  

Beryllium Copper MMCX connectors are more resilient against wear and tear than regular brass connectors, providing a robust mating mechanism; one that is typically made from soft brass.  This selection of a harder material extends the life of the component and the earphone.

Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM Cables

Pathfinder comes with three silver-plated copper cables (terminated in 3.5mm, 2.5mm and 4.4mm headphone jacks) allowing the earphones to reach their full performance potential. The silver-plated OFC copper Litz cable is a newly produced flat cable, with enameled silver-plated copper wire conductor to offer clearer, extended sounds. The flat cable prevents tangling, can be wound for easy storage, and has minimal cable distortion. It is over-molded for increased durability and finished with a metal housing.

Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM Kit

In addition to the three cables, AK Pathfinder includes five (5) pairs of Final Audio E-Type Tips (XS/S/M/L/XL), three (3) pairs of Campfire Audio Marshmallow Earphone Tips (S/M/L), three (3) pairs of Silicon Earphone Tips (S/M/L), Earphone Cleaning Tool, Leather Zipper Case, Earphone Protection Sleeve and Earphone Tips and Cable Storage Pouch. All IEMs are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by Campfire Audio.

Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM Back

Price & Availability

The Astell&Kern Pathfinder IEM will be available in July 2022 at Astell&Kern dealers in the US and Canada for $1,899.


Transducer Type

  • [High] Custom Dual Balanced Armature Drivers + T.A.E.C.
  • [Mid] All-New ‘Dual Chamber’ Balanced Armature Driver Technology from Knowles
  • [Mid-Low to Sub-Bass] All-New Dual Custom 10mm Dynamic Drivers paired with Radial Venting Technology


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  • 2.5mm Silver-Plated Copper Cable
  • 3.5mm Silver-Plated Copper Cable
  • 4.4mm Silver-Plated Copper Cable

Material / Design

  • Aluminum Shell
  • Hand Polished Stainless Steel Threaded Spout
  • Stainless Steel Inlay and Parts

Frequency Response: 5Hz-20kHz
SPL: 94dB @ 1kH 13.49mVrms
Impedance: 6.2ohm @ 1kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1%

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