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Artison Unveils Masterpiece Speakers and a Sleek In-Wall Subwoofer

New Designs Offer Perfect Blend of Elegance and Exquisite Sound

Incline Village, NV — November 15, 2006 — Artison, a company dedicated to meeting the technology needs of the 21st century, proudly announces the release of the company’s flagship Masterpiece LCR Speakers designed for flat screen displays and RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer, a sleek and sexy in-wall subwoofer. Used together or separately, the two products provide superior sound solutions for audiophiles with discriminating tastes.

Masterpiece LCR Speakers attach to virtually any flat panel television display, matching its height precisely, resulting in a seamless, elegant look that enhances any room’s decor, while delivering powerful, cinema-quality sound. Engineered by world-renowned speaker designer Cary Christie, Masterpiece Speakers were built utilizing patented DualMonoTM Center Channel technology, which eliminates the need for a cumbersome center channel box, while providing stunning sound and crisp dialogue for a true home theater experience unlike anything on the market today.

The RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer, another Christie creation, is a designer’s dream: Most separate subwoofers reside in unsightly square cabinets that take up space on the floor and disrupt the design flow of a room. Past in-wall designs were problematic, because the low-frequencies often caused sympathy vibrations in the walls — resulting in a distracting hum or rattle. In some cases, the vibrations could cause vases to migrate off their shelves and crash on the floor — or worse damage the structure of a home.

But RCC 600 is the world’s first and only reactance-canceling, in-wall powered subwoofer. Using a patented approach to cabinet design, RCC 600’s components cancel out extraneous vibrations — leaving the listener with the pure and unaltered sound the engineers meant to convey.

“Our new top-of-the-line Masterpiece LCR Speakers and RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer set the benchmark for high-end audio and home theater reproduction,” said Cary Christie, president of Artison. “Designed to accommodate the increasing trend towards larger flat panel displays, Masterpiece is the ideal solution for customers who expect high quality and performance from their audio system coupled with visual appeal. RCC 600 provides rich, deep bass and interior flexibility — something no other subwoofer on the market today offers. Used together or separately, both products provide a unique design and sound solution that matches any decor style without compromising either performance or aesthetics.”

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About Masterpiece

Masterpiece builds on the success of Ariston’s two previous LCR speakers, the Sketch and the award-winning Portrait, resulting in a “good, better, best” range suitable for all applications, tastes and budgets. Each of the speakers place all three front channels in two slim attachable cabinets, rather than the conventional — and visually unappealing — three speaker box approach.

This is made possible by Artison’s DualMono Center Channel technology, which integrates center channel components into the upper portion of both the right and left speakers, eliminating the need for a separate center channel speaker enclosure, and with the substantial added benefit of placing crisp, articulate dialogue in the center of the screen, rather than above or below it.

Artison’s Masterpiece LCR Speakers can be purchased at an MSRP of $2,500.00 per pair, including the UMB Universal Mounting Bracket and G-LCR Grille, from authorized Artison dealers, which include Tweeter Home Entertainment stores (over 170 nationwide), Harvey Electronics in New York and New Jersey, and many other retailers and electronic system contractors nationwide.

About RCC 600

RCC 600 is perfect for aesthetically-minded audiophiles who want bold sound and great bass, but don’t want to give up precious interior space to bulky stereo equipment. The In-Wall Subwoofer’s unique in-wall design provides interior flexibility unlike any other subwoofer on the market.

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RCC 600’s advanced features, such as automatic room equalization and variable low pass slopes, make the finished installation second to none. Sound controls, like power, gain, movie mode and music mode, are front panel accessible, giving consumers the ultimate in flexibility and performance. The subwoofer module enclosure made of BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) is both rigid and well damped. The subwoofer’s white finish can be painted to match any interior. Now available at Artison dealers, which include Tweeter Home Entertainment stores (over 170 nationwide), Harvey Electronics in New York and New Jersey, and many other retailers and electronic system contractors nationwide, the RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $2,000.00, or $3,000.00 for installations involving two subwoofer modules.

Talking Points:

Artison introduces Masterpiece LCR Speakers, the company’s flagship speaker solution designed for flat-screen televisions.
Artison also introduces RCC 600, a newly-developed sleek and sexy in-wall subwoofer.
RCC 600 is the world’s first and only reactance-canceling and vibration-free in-wall subwoofer.
Masterpiece Speakers attach to virtually any flat screen, matching its height precisely, resulting in a seamless, elegant look that enhances any room’s decor.
Designed for consumers, builders and interior designers who demand powerful bass and a compact, in-wall design, the RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer is the perfect bass boost for today’s modern interiors.

About Artison

Artison is dedicated to the development of new audio and video applications designed to meet the technology needs of the 21st century. Led by renowned speaker designer, Cary Christie, Artison demonstrates its expertise by developing technological innovations that enhance consumers’ home audio and video enjoyment. The company is headquartered at 774 Mays Boulevard, Suite 10-183, Incline Village, NV 89451, phone 775-833-4344, or visit the Artison Web site at

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