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SVS, MoFi, Hegel & Clarisys Audio: AXPONA 2023

AXPONA 2023 featured a wide range of loudspeakers from SVS, MoFi’s Andrew Jones, and Clarisys Audio.

Hegel and Clarisys Audio, SVS and MoFi SourcePoint 10 Speakers

Was AXPONA 2023 a great opportunity to audition a lot of new products? Some might argue that a lot of manufacturers are waiting for Munich 2023 to roll-out their new lines and there might be some truth to that. Munich has replaced CES as the global high-end show with manufacturers, distributors, media, and retailers from all corners of the globe in attendance.

HighEnd Munich Show Flags

Let’s be honest. Munich is a global destination with one of the best exhibition halls in all of Europe and the German population supports the show in a very significant way. IFA Berlin is also a very successful trade event that attracts global attention and the tech world enjoys putting on shows in the German capital.

As a former Chicagoan, Schaumburg is a rather nice place to live and the area (including Hoffman Estates) hosts the headquarters of a number of global corporations. The area has become a great place to raise a family and the community has become much more diverse over the years. If AXPONA was trying to attract younger couples living in single family homes — Schaumburg is a solid choice.

It’s not Highland Park or Wilmette if you are looking for classic movie locations in the suburbs, but the venue definitely works.

Home owners have the space for home theater systems and it explains why the SVS room was so busy all weekend long.


SVS earned its stripes over the years with its wide range of subwoofers designed for your home theater room or listening space. The company has a strong track record of offering well designed products that offer a very high level of performance and excellent value for the money. 

That’s why we were excited to learn of SVS’ In-Wall Subwoofer plans at CES 2023. Now over a year later the subwoofer for the custom installation market is finally available, albeit for more money than we previously reported; $1,999 instead of $1,299.

SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer at AXPONA 2023
SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer

The SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer is actually a two-piece system, and it requires a smartphone (not included) to configure it. The in-wall subwoofer section features dual 9-inch drivers, which are accompanied by an external 800-watt RMS amplifier with built-in DSP and crossover controls — all controlled by the SVS app. 

The subwoofer fits neatly between 16-inch wall studs, but the amp itself does not go into the wall. A magnetic grille snaps over the woofer drivers to complete a sleek look. Plus it can be painted over while still maintaining its acoustic transparency.

The SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer is available now for $1,999 at

SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase with Standmount Speakers at AXPONA 2023
SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase

The SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase was also being used to drive their range of affordable bookshelf and stand-mount loudspeakers. The component (pictured on the table) is a two-channel integrated stereo amplifier with built-in streaming capabilities that make it a great home audio music listening solution.

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Key Features

  • 300 watt (150 x 2 @ 4 ohms) Class D amplifiers
  • Built-in DAC supports up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • HDMI ARC input
  • Apple Airplay and Chromecast
  • Remote control included
  • Front panel interface with LED display shows track/artist/source info
  • Wireless music playback via WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast Built-in, Spotify Connect, DTS Play-Fi

The SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase is available now for $699.99 at

MoFi SourcePoint 10

When Andrew Jones left ELAC after recreating the brand and delivering some of the best affordable loudspeakers audiophiles have heard in many years, there was a lot of speculation about where the storied loudspeaker designer would land. 

Left to right: Andrew Jones, Mitch Anderson, Lenny Coco, Jordan Pries at AXPONA 2023
Left to right: Andrew Jones (MoFi), Mitch Anderson (eCoustics), Lenny Coco (MoFi), Jordan Pries (Arc of All) at AXPONA 2023

Was he finally retiring after a very long career which included many years at KEF, TAD, and Pioneer? Jones has always proven to be one of the more accessible designers in the Hi-Fi world and someone who enjoys a challenge. 

When the folks at MoFi Electronics came calling — Andrew Jones already had an inkling what he wanted to do. Enter the MoFi SourcePoint 10 loudspeakers.

MoFi SourcePoint 10 Loudspeakers by Andrew Jones at AXPONA 2023
MoFi SourcePoint 10 Loudspeakers

MoFi Electronics brought the SourcePoint 10 and new SourcePoint 8 loudspeakers to AXPONA 2023 and both rooms were packed with eager listeners all weekend.

MoFi also distributes HiFi Rose in the United States and utilized the new RS520 Streaming Amplifier with the SourcePoint 10 loudspeakers.

What makes the RS520 streaming amplifier interesting is that it blends technology from two of their existing products; the RS150 streaming DAC and RA180 integrated amplifier.

The RS520 utilizes an MQA-capable ES9038PRO-based decoder as its digital heart. The DAC supports up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512.

The RS520 can also be used as a preamplifier or digital source (USB, Coaxial, Toslink) which allows you to run it into a DAC or even active loudspeakers with its own internal DAC. 

The 12.6″ 1920 x 515 touchscreen is an upgrade over the unit HiFi Rose uses in the more affordable RS201E, and we rather like the new on-screen EQ feature that is a throwback to stand alone equalizers of the 1970s.

Available now, the SourcePoint 10 is $3,699/pair at Crutchfield, while the SourcePoint 8 ships May 2023 for $2,750/pair without stands from HiFi Rose is also available at Crutchfield.

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Hegel & Clarisys Audio

You are going to be hearing a lot more about Hegel this summer from me because one of its integrated amplifiers has proven to be a huge surprise with one of my favorite loudspeakers; the Magnepan LRS that occupy my primary listening room.

Hegel H30A Reference Power Amplifier and P30A Preamplifier with Clarisys Audio Minuet Loudspeakers
Hegel H30A Reference Power Amplifier and P30A Preamplifier with Clarisys Audio Minuet Loudspeakers

Ribbon/planar loudspeakers were the catalyst for my audiophile journey and there is a manufacturer in Switzerland that is really trying to push the envelope in the category.

Clarisys Audio offers 5 different models starting with the $33,800 USD Minuet and there was a general consensus at AXPONA that this may have been one of the top rooms at the show.

The Hegel H30A Reference Power Amplifier ($19,000) and P30A Preamplifier ($8,995) were used to drive a pair of the aforementioned Minuet.

Clarisys Audio Minuet Loudspeaker at AXPONA 2023
Clarisys Audio Minuet Planar Magnetic Loudspeaker

Clarisys Audio also sells replacement parts for Apogee Acoustics Loudspeakers; those looking to restore a pair of the original Apogee Stage, Grand, Duetta, or Scintilla should check out their website. The replacement ribbons are not inexpensive but these represent your best option in 2023 if you are looking for a solution to fix some of these older loudspeakers that have been out of production for more than 2 decades.

Continue reading more coverage of AXPONA 2023.

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