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Creating the Next Generation of Audio Enthusiasts

ecoustics welcomes our newest contributors, Lauren Halliday (@record_lady) and Jeremy Sikora (@budget_audiophiler) with over 27,000 combined Instagram followers.

record_lady and budget_audiophiler profile pages on Instagram

We are very pleased to announce 2 new significant additions to the family. 

Both help us move the needle when it comes to reaching a younger, and more diverse audience, who are passionate about music, records, and finding a path forward into better sound quality that they can afford. This 25-45 demographic represents the next generation of audio enthusiasts and we’re thrilled to have these creative new contributors help us reach them for the first time.

Lauren Halliday

The Record Lady

Our new Music Editor, Lauren Halliday, brings a fresh new perspective to the world of vinyl playback and music. (record_lady ) is one of the most respected and fastest growing communities of vinyl enthusiasts online. Lauren brings both an intense knowledge of music and passion for hi-fi to the pages of She will guide our growing readership with both music reviews and features, and audio reviews geared towards her specific community who are looking for a path forward into better sound quality for the first time. Based out of Houston, Texas, Lauren has already developed a strong relationship with a growing network of vinyl listeners between 25-45 that represent the next generation of audio enthusiasts. 

Jeremy Sikora

The Budget Audiophiler

Jeremy Sikora runs one of the most successful budget audiophile communities on Instagram (budget_audiophiler) and will be expanding his reach through a new column on, reviews, social media postings, and as a regular contributor to “Between Your Ears”—the official podcast of Based out of Buffalo, New York, Jeremy will be focused on the used and budget segments of hi-fi that have become some of the fastest growing communities of enthusiasts with a deep passion for affordable high-end audio listening.

In addition, 3 new contributors will be joining the team next week who will further broaden the base when it comes to vintage audio, jazz listeners, and reaching a larger segment of the vinyl listening community through their innovative weekly radio program and future YouTube videos. Stay tuned for those exciting announcements. 

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