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Ber: New Music Friday on Spotify

The native Minnesotan is quietly building up a sizable following on Spotify and we suspect Ber is going to be a singer/songwriter to remember.

Berit Dybing

One of the things that I love the most about Spotify is the ability to find new artists that are on the cusp of breaking through. There’s something about Ber (Berit Dybing) that makes me feel that she’s going to be very big in the next few years; her songwriting, instrumentation, and the beautiful melodic nature and smoothness of her voice feel like the perfect storm.

The native Minnesotan, is currently pursuing a B.A. (Hons) in Popular Music and Vocal Performance at Leeds College of Music in the UK and just released her first series of singles including “Bad For Me,” “I’m Not In Love,” and “Feels So Easy.”

Ber was very kind and responded to my request on Instagram for a short interview.

Which artists have been your inspiration?

I’m probably most inspired by my friends if I’m honest, but I do have idols. I think I wouldn’t be anywhere near songwriting if I hadn’t obsessed over Mumford and Sons, Joni Mitchell, Abba and the Jonas Brothers as a kid, but now I find myself gawking the most over my friends’ demos, stories, and the things they share. 

I met a lot of my key collaborators in college (Hot Dennis, Sfven, Pura Bliss, Charlie Oriain, Hazel English, and Mikey Gormley) and through Instagram and I wouldn’t be writing at all if I’d not been working on finding my voice with my friends over the past few years and writing about things that feel quite close to me.

Outside of that though, you’ll find Alexander 23, Jeremy Zucker, Lennon Stella, Adam Melchor and Elio in my heavy rotation…and my friends would tell you that that’s all I listen to. I think they’re brilliant. 

What aspect of songwriting appeals to you the most?  

Lyrics are my favorite part. Although some of my favorite lyrics on the EP have been directly plucked from conversations with friends and writers. But I dive quite deeply into lyrics and really focus on writing about things that feel personal and blatantly describe how I’m feeling. I’m quite open, I’m an overthinker, and I suppose I use it as a form of therapy really. So, it’s fun to share bits of my brain with people that can help me put those feelings and occasions into words too.

How would you describe your style? 

I’d say its somewhere between folk, indie, alt-pop or something. I don’t know, I make songs on my laptop in my basement with my friends over the internet. But I also have some piano ballads on my computer that might see the light of day yet. I’m not 100% sure what’s next but I’m excited for it.

I’ve had a lot of English, Norwegian and American influence as I’ve been living and travelling out of Norway, London and Minneapolis over the last few years, and I do think pieces of that bleed through, which I love. 

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What inspires you? 

I’m just spitting out my emotions and trying to be honest. It’s been really cool to relate with people through music. It really is my favorite part of songwriting and releasing music. I have an EP on its way which I am very excited about. 

They’re all songs I wrote during the hardest year of my life over Zoom with some of my best friends, and they gave me a little tug through that. I wrote a lot of sad songs in this time, but the ones that made it on to the EP are the ones that made me forget all of that, and there’s a big place for that too. I really hope it resonates with people and I can’t wait to start playing live shows. 

Where to listen: Ber on Spotify



  1. Louise White

    August 20, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    Love supporting new musicians!

    • Ian White

      August 20, 2021 at 4:02 pm


      The future is now.


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