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Pansat 2500a converted to 2700a with PUFF. no powerPlymouth2
Nalin, when will U update Pansat2500 Box?the godfather37
Pansat filesallen jay19
Any channel showing portuguese soccer ?Silver5
Geo TVzulu2
Nfusion down nowTHE FTA TESTER3
Are pansat bin out?The Coders5
Pansat 2700 epg not showingjoe bevis2
Keys for pansat 2700ABruno Samartino10
New bin for b75tprs10
CoolS**t 7000rick4
Any Help of Advice would be great!!!Seng Cho1
Dn dwn on cs6100 at 5:25jamie mccarl2
Pansat 2700670939414
Pansat2700a 67093947
PANSAT 2700 A/E67093944
Channel loader for CaptiveWorksbruce l10
Puff fileindopak3
Viewsat Files here 4 May..NO registration required..LK30
Captiveworks files here 5 May..NO registration required..LK8
All new cw files are in at crazyfta Andrea Bargnani11
CW 7OO channels all mixed upMETALLICA3
IPL cricket on DNjippii.com2
Problems with CBN, NDTV etc balad gadu2
DongleMaple Leaf5
Captivework BINS!!The Answer5
Who's your Daddy?Saviorself18
Star+ & Star One for Viewsat UltraNalin Nyda20
PVRSW-080504A-II.PGM No audio or videoAfrican9
Anyone heard of this site?Nalin Nyda4
Any good news about captiveworks?bruce l3
Cw files being released !alton vann penny1
KBOX K1 HerosBhatti4
Revolver finaly hits PPV!Semore Butts1
5 Satellite to 1 Receiver ???Bhatti7
Visit to little britain...African10
AC3 audioYukon2
Kings timetable cannot be known to anyone who does not work for DNNalin Nyda22
CaptiveWorks 600s premium?bruce l23
Pansat 3500SD Issue !!! Help !!!me ta7
Fix for dreambox available at crazyftaYosanth9
New ECM explainedYukon18
Question for CodersPest Control4
Nfusion helpPlymouth2
Looking for cw home site .Tooter6
IKS Vs. FTATooter6
All new bins out at craztfta dot comAV31
Who will be next out ?terry young8
Je suis tristePlymouth29
Anyone know where the fockHc2
Ariza 700,750,800and700sFillsHc74
Viewsat Files Out Get From Trusted ForumsLK.18
Manually input keysLK.4
Who gives a GDPaul4
Boston or Atlantaallen jay2
What satellite are you supposed to watch in canada?AV18
Having trouble adding Bev 82 and 91 on one dish 500African4
Thanks Viewsat coders - linkPaul8
Viewsat is UP and RunningDonald Trump10
New files out for ViewsatDonald Trump18
Viewsat firstXtra West7
OBAMAS TRAP great readnakedguy1
Update From Codersalton vann penny3
ViewSat new BINs DBPSW-080501.PGMHawaiian_time45
IPL is getting boring !balad gadu2
Viewsatyour real mama19
IPL cricket in Indian-Channel number neededsada8
Flyers Move on as Habs are eliminate from playoffs Zamud Haman6
Infusion downneil1
To wach rhe fight go to channel 9800The $mart 1!22
Nfusion is up!!---suckers!!!!!!bo11
Nfusion helpBlue5
WarrningBruno Samartino3
Delahoya vs forbeshbeltran5
Viewsat and Sonicview Bev ready from another siteTRU LUV BABY!!!9
CBT????Need some technical helpA3
Watch Desitv online NW9
Looking to buy View Sat Plat recevierAfrican3
Dish downAfrican20
Kbox k1 herosAfrican3
Gtools or Channel Master pansat 2700nike usa3
Fta sites can they block ur ip adress....dantetn57
Watch de la hoya and forbes fight here.TRU LUV BABY!!!2
Genpix+Local HDvittu2
Star 1 and star + ?vittu5
Questions have this at the end (?)African5
My friend is a coder.....he makes bins and the loaderkarkour kaka3
61.5 working on IKS?LK.6
For Nalin NydaLK.16
Cnx miniLK.3
Wake-eee Wake-eeeLK.3
Is everything still down???Saviorself9
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