Nfusion is up!!---suckers!!!!!!


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Username: Malew

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Username: Thoronto

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Registered: Jun-06
Where are you? Can I borrow it for the rest of the weekend or until a fix for my viewsat is out? (-:

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Username: Taran420

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Registered: Jan-07
yay!!!! good for you..............and oh yea good luck when the servers get busted, and the feds find out where you are located

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Username: Thoronto

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wake up Taran... there is no such thing...

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Username: Cntrlaltdel

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So is Neosat!

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@ your telling me that with IKS you are not connnected to a server.........if so , then you dont know anyhting about IKS.......but i heard nfusion had some sort of proxy in a new bin.......but yea, with nfuion/IKS you are making yourself present to the world...and that is a FACT

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hey taran keep your philosophy to yourself. don't try to be smart.

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Username: Donnie1973

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not philosophy... lol
it is facts. even a proxy server, u are logged in to it, which has your real IP, masks it, then goes out. They prolly arent comming after the IKS boxes YET, maybe not for a while, but dont think by using a proxy server u are invisible. U can use multiple ones and if u do something on the net bad enough... they can find you FAST. not saying they will over signal theft.

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It`s the phone cops that you have to worry about.

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Username: Dghumman

Ontario Canada

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nfusion is down too as of 10 minutes

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Username: Dash88

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wake up man its the phone cops!!!!
cheers Tiger Woods
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