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Which draws more current?Optidriven2
What amp for under 300Optidriven5
4 channel ampsty mutlow1
Class A/B and class DSimon J Casey3
Sony XM-2165GTX amplifier help pleaseal bundy5
Which amp with this sub.ty mutlow2
What amp for my jl 12w3ty mutlow6
Mtx amps??? yes or noCasey Wood3
Where can i go?Richard5
Lightning AudioChauncey Brown2
Hifonics 1605 or wait for the RF T1001bdChauncey Brown10
Amp channel setup questions.ty mutlow6
What amp for these speakers?Vincent4
Whats an ohm?Brandon3
Hifonics brutus BX1500D for sell CHEAP !!Thomas White33
160 amps enough?joe ruskowski13
Question about amp settingsBrandon2
What can i do?ty mutlow6
Difference in JLJonathan3
Amp advice!martin wright7
4 channelty mutlow2
I need advice on what size amp i should get and what kind* Rovin *3
How to wire 5 ch amp with 2 6x9 speakers and 2 subs?BrAd GiLmAn2
Questions about wiring a 2ch to 2 door speakers or bridging 4ch?BrAd GiLmAn7
Does anybody know wats a good amp 2 channel or 4 channel. lil c1
Help plzty mutlow2
!!Need HELP!! mikechec92
Speaker Wattagety mutlow7
Orion 250r hcca?redbone3
Wire from battery to fuse blockmartin wright1
Type R or S for 600 to 800 watts?Tyler5
Do I need a cap?Mark S5
Is the hifonics brutus mono amp trash or good?Thomas White8
Capicator helpAnonymous3
Power wire for 2 amps.* Rovin *5
JL or Rockfordmikechec933
Is this an upgrade? or no? fosgate or orion?brandon jus1
Help With Amp DecisionMitch Foxcroft5
Old school hifonics amp helpTerry64055
Whats wrongty mutlow2
Wiring for an ampty mutlow2
Help me pick and amp from these...Kingsxman8
What could i run with this?Austin Baker3
Audiobahn A8002tpeter stockbauer11
Can I take two 18 guage wires...?Seth Lowe11
Anything cheaper than JL AUDIOJonathan36
Help me find a forum please....blaine westropp3
What guage speaker wire do i needuber3
What amp do I need??Chauncey Brown7
Bad sony ampsmikechec97
HO alternator for a t20001bdblaine westropp1
Power for my ampInfinity Addict3
Phoenix Gold TANTRUM 500.2 Amplifier F/SLouieV1
Amp for infinity subs* Rovin *6
Conatacting a Ebay SellerJames Longo9
Opinion's on Orion WCC D5000Chauncey Brown5
Which Amps for my 2 Alpine Type X'sChauncey Brown2
Different AmpsChauncey Brown2
Infinity 7561ACameron2
Alpine M500 tuning questionsMark S4
Amp for some jl audio xr650smatt thigpen12
Help me please! i don't know what amp to buy!Chauncey Brown6
Taking All Suggestions Chauncey Brown7
How to hook up speakers martin wright9
What amp to run these components?Chauncey Brown2
Amp Question on powerReLOaDeD1
Which brands better??fChauncey Brown3
Good place to purchase HO ALTERNATOR?Brandon2
Can someone link that forum of best bass songs for mejoe ruskowski5
Best matchStevie doo13
Which will have the most current drawJames Longo2
Earthquake D2BJ1
200a HO alternator with 4 guage wire?Isaac16
Remote wire from HU to AMPIsaac2
Car audio to home audioIsaac8
Need amp with 800w @ 4 ohm: around $200...Kingsxman10
How is the hifonics brutus 1500d???Blair17
Auction ending in 28 mins need advicety mutlow2
Auction ending in 28 mins need advicejarred1
Auction ending in 28 mins need advicejarred1
Need some opinions justin gholson6
SX 900.2 with 2 15"CompVR's - How Too'sTyler5
Amp Keeps Turning Off .. Please HelpERIC GAERTNER6
Drag QueenDustin Pettit11
4ohm & 2 ohm?.ty mutlow4
4 type r's 500watt rmsPatric Shoup10
What amp to use?Chay4
Alpine MRV-F545 or JL audio 450/4brock wright1
Premier amp??ty mutlow2
Amp keeps kicking offty mutlow4
Amp for 2 kappa vq'sJosh1
Confused on these channel spec's.ty mutlow3
Good Amp for W6V2Jonathan6
Amp for 10w's?ucfsaxman2
Amp for 10w's?jUSTIN1
Whats this chart mean?joe ruskowski13
Alpine M350 Power martin wright3
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