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Sub Brands HELP PLZColin d1
To big of box ='s ?????RDS115
One or two subsRDS1114
Car Audio for sale..MO1
System almost done!!erik1
Eclipse FSSubfanatic4
Amp help pleasebrooks robinson1
Loudness option?Joe Smoe6
DAM dudesean9
Can you run a 8ohm sub on a kenwood 2ch ampSubfanatic2
Looking For RF Punch P2Subfanatic6
Best solution for six 10s in Grand CherokeeInvictuz1
How to wire a Dual Voice Coil....John Hilman3
Custom Fiberglass Box, Three Subs for sale, PICSScott Clements3
Loudness questiontaylor1710
BrandsJoe Smoe15
Atlas 12" VS. Solo Baric S12L7taylor172
Any body got some opinions on Battery master switches for power wir...Joe Smoe3
Can you make a 2ohm DVC into a 4ohm DVC without blowing the sub.KILLSWITCH ENGAGED1
MmatsBerny Ok4
Blueprints far a 10" in my truck...I NEED HELPColin d1
Box help PLEASE!!!Fishy3
I have a problem ive never seen or heard before....Hunter Warren43
Spl (1w/1m)Jonathan13
Subwoofer videosJoe Smoe3
Hey Hunter I have a question for you!Hunter Warren13
Irrate with noiseCory skoda7
Viper and directedmackevion1
Is the ID v.3d2 any good?RDS114
Largest car Sub?RDS1116
Reinforcing the car?cody helmig5
Diamond Audio Subs..PG AMPAnonymous1
Two 10" brahmas VS one 15" brahma (audible difference?)...RDS113
What size do i need to make the box???Denny Anderson1
What kind of bix produces HIGHEST SPL?Jonathan13
Buy this stuff....pleaseRob Fox1
RE x.x.x. 12" questionsDR MAX8
Hey james ques on brahma vs avalanche wattage ??Hunter Warren7
Port distance from back of box?James Longo3
Anyone who has a sound domain!James Longo9
Hunter...whats the deal?J.W.6
Newbie: please VOTE -- RE SX vs RE SE vs Infinity 12.1DVQ vs 12" SI...Amarjot Singh Bedi10
My alternatoradam venegas7
Largest car Sub?Subfanatic2
V-MAX helpSubfanatic3
A little helpSubfanatic2
My new enclosure good???Chris Klein1
Where can I buy ports?Brandon2
Finally..Robbie Brown20
Resonant eng. re 12" subRobbie Brown3
"JL Audio 12w6v2" VS. "Kicker S12L7"taylor175
Two Alum10Q's at 1.5 Ohms?Chris Snavely3
HELP!!! Trouble with new ampKILLSWITCH ENGAGED1
Sub Box Cu Ft?J.W.4
NEED HELP QUICK!!!Donald Byrum jr3
My Avalanche 18 videosJoe Smoe4
Adding a car sub to my PC sound system!!!Anonymous4
Please help me out i need it... and i need to make a decision in a ...Joe Smoe12
W7 logo...Brandon8
New type R 15James Longo4
Need Help for choosing a New SystemJim17
I expected more! but i was happy with the outcome lolSubfanatic23
HO AlternatorRobbie1
Which is better and why, sledgehammer vs doubleshotJames Longo2
Escalade set upJames Longo5
Check out this guys JL system.... its pretty crazyTrevor Eaton17
$250 sub/sRobbie4
Which oneJoe Smoe10
Best amp/sub combo? Really need help!James Longo5
Kove Audio or JL AudioRick from Oklahoma29
Hey CHIEFChief13
Battery troublesDankman Nuggetz8
Thoughts on all things CADENCE!!Anonymous10
How much are the RE SX 12's, and 15's??fgsdfgsdfg1
What do you think of this setup???James Longo2
Adire parthenon ?Joe Smoe2
I love this article about boom responsiblyJake Davis44
Just ordered a avalanche 15!Joe Smoe204
What is loudest sub, NO price limit?!Joe Smoe33
Wich is better? BRAHMA 12 od DD9512taylor174
Audiobahn Amps A8002T Amplifiertaylor175
Which one will hit hardertaylor173
What do you guys thinks better DVC or SVC. taylor173
Old type r vs rockford fosgate hx2taylor172
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