Newbie: please VOTE -- RE SX vs RE SE vs Infinity 12.1DVQ vs 12" SI D2.


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Writing from India most of the subs mentioned no ones even heard of them, leave alone the availability here. Pioneer from the grey market rulez.

I have an SUV and am looking for a single 12" sub mainly because my bro refuses to bring two from the States to India, also budget constraints.

No way of demoing any of the Subs mentioned, so will be purchasing one completely on your feedback....So am at your mercy.

I have just got myself a D-class Amp hifonics bx1500D, Rated at 500,1000,1500 w @ 4,2,1 Ohms respectively. ( Been told its not accurate).

The 12" sub I am looking at -
SI D@ (from Stereo Integrity)
Infinity 12.1 DVQ
RF T112D2

I want a sub that gets loud when need to and hits hard and tight, in the chest if u know what I mean , I know that depends on the box but the driver should be able to do just that. Also as I listen to rock, jazz, rap, trance, folk, it should be more sq oriented than only spl.

Please advice.....


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If you are looking to get SQ, you could also look at the Image Dynamics IDMAX subs. Insane SQ and decent punch considering the SQ. ( I think)
If you wanna stick to the list though, I'd probably go with one of the RE subs. Not sure which would suit your needs, not familiar with the differences between those two subs. The Infinity should have pretty good SQ.
Looking at the amount of money you seem to be ready to spend, I'd definately say one of the IDMAXs or even an RE X.X.X if you wanna throw a few more bucks in.
Good luck with everything. Throw anymore questions you may have at us.

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re x x x way beyond my budget... not heard of idmax...

Just spoke to RE.... and have been quoted a shipped price for a SE at 185$ and fot the SX 270$s , is the price diff worth it...

Also been told with my amp the min i shud get is a DVC with 2ohm per voice coil.... SE is 4 ohm , but the sx is 2 ohm..

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Yes there is a pretty good difference between the SE and the SX.

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does that mean sx is better, i like sq over spl.....

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yeah, i would go with the sx.

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whats ur budget??

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below 300$s...
The SI D2 people refuse to pick up the phone and i am dialing from india...
The IDmax guy was great and gave some great advice , so basically its come to between 12" RE SX and a 10" Idmax D4 V3...
The sales rep as well friend of mine from vegas whose opinion i really respect told me that if i can get an image dynamics product forget everything... And both ( it was a coincidence) suggested the idmax 10" V3 D4,l giving my amp a two ohm load... My friend quoted the following which is quite cool, although he admitted he was not familiar with RE products...

" Image Dynamics has one of the finest subs out. This company is truly one of the innovators in the business. They are sick about getting things right. They are the guys that go way past all the hype and are only concerned with
results. Image is a complete different story, they have been around a very long time, and are "backed" by some of the biggest hitters in
the industry. By "backed" I don't mean money wise or advertising wise, they have the respect of the real car audio elite. Not many subs could compare. I would be surprised if it was in your budget. "

Both the SX as well as the idmax r the same price..

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i have 3 12" alpint type r's i could sell ya for right around that price. email me at

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thanks, cant get 3 or even 2 , that wud be a diff ball game, so have to get one and thats it, so has to be really great for the price,.
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