Thoughts on all things CADENCE!!


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Username: Dpxpro

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What do you guys think of cadence gear?

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if I remember correctly Kicker makes cadence. atleast they used to about 10 years ago.

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nothing special. its along the same lines as boss. pretty much any shop car carry cadence as long as they have a tax number. they dont set high standards when it comes to their authorized dealers like jl, alpine, ecipse, focal and others. someone on this forum tried to say they were up there with us amps and zapco, but im not to sure about that.

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I've never used the stuff, but from what I've gathered they're right around the quality of the new Orion stuff. So it's not too bad, I'm guessing. I remember it being on the good part of GW's company list.

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cadence is some pretty decent stuff.

a buddy of mine has 2 of their zrs9 amps...they are pretty nice. i have also messed w/ one of their Z7000's...pretty nice amps. and pretty much anyone that has been in USACi competitions for a while knows about their A7HC(nice amp).

some cadence stuff is kinda low-end, but they do make some nice amps. i have do disagree w/ adams statement that they are along the lines of Boss stuff.....Cadence is far beyond Boss, IMO.

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Username: Southernrebel

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oh...i have only messed w/ cadence amps, not their subs and speakers.


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I like their amps a lot. Pretty nice stuff. Havn't had much experience with their subs though. A kid in my town had a pair of their 12's that sounded failry nice though.

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Thanks guys

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Killswitch rocks! =) Hehehe.. Had to say it... Even though there newest album wasnt as good as there first.

ha ha my name is Stan Wojtowicz
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