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Sonance SUB12-500 and SUB10-250 Cinema Series In-Wall Subwoofers

Sonance SUB12-500 and SUB10-250 Cinema Series In-Wall Subwoofers

Sonance is shipping two new in-wall subwoofers designed exclusively for home-theater systems. The new models, SUB12-500 and SUB10-250, join the existing Cinema Series in-wall and in-ceiling speaker lineup expanding the options for media rooms of any size or configuration.

The 12-inch SUB12-500 and 10-inch SUB10-250 provide tight low frequency performance that brings the thrill and excitement of the movie theater experience home. Each three-piece system features a high- performance woofer and grille integrated into a vibration-free enclosure with an outboard mono amplifier. Both models have been designed for CEDIA installation professionals who have requested sub bass performance while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing slim profile. The Cinema Series in-wall subwoofers feature Sonance's industry-leading Visual Performance micro-trim grilles, that blend top-of-the-line performance with a nearly invisible design.

Construction Details
Sonance Cinema Series In-Wall Subwoofer enclosures are constructed from a combination of 1/2″ and 1″ MDF for superior isolation of bass and extruded aluminum bracing for minimal obstruction of airflow inside the enclosure. Mass damping of front and back walls of each enclosure and long strand fiberglass internal damping for standing wave dissipation is also incorporated. In addition, a floating enclosure design minimizes vibration transfer to adjoining rooms. Both enclosures fit in a standard 2 x 4 stud bay and a blank pre-construction plate is included for easy installation.

Low Profile Drivers
The Cinema Series In-Wall Subwoofers feature an innovative low profile driver with an ultra-low distortion motor and 4″ diameter voice coil. The Cinema 12-500 incorporates a 12″ woofer, while the 10-250 utilizes a 10″ woofer. Dual central mount spiders are used in both models to maximize the linear movement of the laminated carbon fiber honeycomb woofer cone.

The 4″ diameter voice coils were chosen for two reasons,” says Todd Ryan, Chief Speaker Engineer. “First a large diameter voice coil will be able to continuously handle high levels of power and absorb all the power from the new digital amplifiers. The second reason was to allow us to place the spiders on the inside of the voice coil. In most shallow woofers due to the short distance from the surround to the spider the cones have a tendency to rock. This rocking requires the use of a larger gap in the motor to reduce the output of the driver. In our design, the spiders are placed at the center of the driver and connected to a post which is bonded to the cone.”

Sonance SONAMP Cinema Sub 10-250 Amplifier

Class D Amplifiers For Continuous Power
The outboard Cinema Series subwoofer amplifiers feature Class D output stage, line and speaker level high pass filtering and are designed specifically to complement the SUB10-250 and SUB12-500 drivers and enclosures. Each amplifier is capable of driving up to two woofers.


  • The SUB10-250 extends down to 30Hz and using the matching SUB10-250D amplifier it is capable of producing 108dB of output at 1 meter.
  • The SUB12-500 extends down to 25Hz and using its matching SUB12-500D amplifier it is capable of producing 114dB of output at 1 meter.

Sonance Cinema Series In-Wall Subwoofers

12-500 Subwoofer Enclosure $ 1,000 each
12-500 12″ Woofer and Grille $ 1,000 each
12-500 Subwoofer Amplifier $ 1,000 each
10-250 Subwoofer Enclosure $ 700 each
10-250 10″ Woofer and Grille $ 700 each
10-250 Subwoofer Amplifier $ 700 each
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