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eCoustics is the unbiased resource for product reviews, news and price comparisons on consumer electronics

What we do?
eCoustics.com categorizes consumer electronics news, reviews, articles, buying guides and prices. Our editors scour the web for the most informative and relevant information about home audio, car audio, video, photography, computers, home theater, gadgets and more. Our unparalleled and comprehensive directory informs and educates consumers, both expert and novice, about everything electronic!

Why use eCoustics.com?
We admit, there are other great sites for consumer electronics content. Many sites do offer unique information, opinions, and ideas. However, manufacturer/advertiser influence or editorial favoritism can impede the best efforts of the publishers. Furthermore, one site or publication can not review or cover every product released. Our database brings together each source of information onto the same level for analysis. eCoustics.com combines many resources, including periodical reviews, press releases, current news, articles, customer feedback, consumer discussions, and expert opinions to help you learn and make informed buying decisions.

Our Goal
Our goal is to provide an easy to use interface, which informs, educates, and connects the consumer to many various resources and facts about the consumer electronics industry and marketplace.

Who we are?
eCoustics LLC was founded by Brian Mitchell in 1998. It is an independently owned and operated company, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA (USA). We are dedicated to providing the largest, fastest, and most informative human built search directory for consumer electronics information and products.


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