McIntosh XR200 Floor Standing Loudspeakers Introduced

High Performance Model XR200 Is Engineered from the Ground Up To Ensure Faithful, Pure and Rich Sound Reproduction

McIntosh Laboratory recently announced the introduction of its new ultra-luxury floor-standing tower loudspeaker, the XR200 ($8,000 each). Scheduled for availability in February, the new XR200 gives today’s most discriminating audio consumers an opportunity to experience astoundingly pure, rich sound reproduction that faithfully mirrors every nuance and subtlety of musical performance.

The XR200 tower features a 51″ tall, three-way floor-standing design that combines the outstanding imaging characteristics of point source systems with the seemingly limitless dynamics normally associated with a line source. An ultra-sophisticated 19-element midrange/tweeter array (a proprietary McIntosh design and the product of decades of multiple-driver-array design experience), offers extraordinary clarity, precision image localization and depth. Three custom-made 8″ bass drivers, each with a 12-pound magnet structure, possess the speed and power to convey the most complicated transients and deliver crushing SPL’s. The XR200 utilizes a single tuned port, which exits organ-pipe-style at the top of the enclosure. The enclosure is finished in a luxurious gloss black. Frequency response of the XR200 is 20 Hz to 45 kHz.

About McIntosh Laboratory
McIntosh Laboratory celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2009, and the company’s unswerving commitment to excellence, innovation and quality continues to define the state-of-the-art in high fidelity and bring discriminating consumers around the world an elevated home entertainment experience. McIntosh luxury audio and video products are designed and manufactured at the company’s Binghamton, New York headquarters. Its products reflect unmatched levels of performance, superlative engineering and hand craftsmanship. Built to last for decades, McIntosh components demand nothing less than an equal level of commitment to customer support and service. McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. is a D&M Holdings company.

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