Focal Bird Compact Speaker System


Audio Plus Services announced the Focal “Bird” loudspeaker system, a new and innovative concept for high-quality lifestyle audio in a compact, user-friendly format.

Bird 2.1 ($995 MSRP) is composed of small, two-way satellites connected to the “Power Bird” which serves as a unified amplifier, DAC and subwoofer solution. The units can be positioned horizontally, vertically or even mounted on a wall. The system excels in high definition audio for those seeking modern computer-centric wireless source inclusion, reproduced without compression or compromise.

Supplied with a Focal Kleer Technology wireless dongle, Bird 2.1 seamlessly interfaces with the Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad. An optional USB dongle ($99.95) expands wireless connectivity to include any computer with a USB output. The system includes a unified remote control and will accept a variety of analog and digital connections both hard-wired and wireless.

“Focal has a well-deserved reputation for making the world's finest loudspeakers. With Bird, they have demonstrated an amazing ability to apply that innovation, engineering and musicality to an affordable product that will have wider appeal to a much larger audience.”
— Daniel Jacques, President of Audio Plus Services

Key Features of Bird 2.1:

  • High performance – utilizes Focal's world-class design and engineering leadership
  • Cutting edge — uncompressed wireless audio, 24-bit /192kHz upsampling DACs, in a stylish subwoofer/electronics housing
  • Flexible – accepts wide array of analog and digital connections hard-wired and wireless. Can be positioned horizontally, vertically or even mounted on a wall.
  • User-Friendly – compact lifestyle design is stylish, simple to install and easy to operate
  • Affordable – configurations start as low as $995 MSRP

The Focal Bird Series will be available from Audio Plus Services in Fall 2010 featuring various system configurations.

Focal Bird Speaker System

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