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Kicker vs AlpineJordan Donovan22009-08-19 23:55
What amp for a Alpine SWR-1242D type r sub and vibe 6x9s?Jordan Donovan72009-08-19 23:52
POWER-ACOUSTIK-BAMF5500-1D-Class-Dmike sand12009-08-19 20:48
MB-Quart-DSC2000mike sand42009-08-19 17:05
Want to buy a amplifier for my 05 re xxx 15 d2.mike sand12009-08-19 02:07
What Do you Think i Should do !!! Jordan Donovan22009-08-19 00:41
Power acoustic ampOptidriven42009-08-17 17:13
Amp Kicks Off After Sub Starts To CrakleRyan Kerekes12009-08-17 05:40
Amp for 2 kicker l7 12"sean82009-08-17 04:48
HELP:Rockford Fosgate Punch Series 2004-06 ampsJESSE VELASQUEZ32009-08-15 23:17
Clarion DPX11500I- Malik22009-08-15 21:11
MtxJH1200 vs mem prd1000.1Joshua M. Jones22009-08-15 20:42
Kickin to pertection b4 sound and not + or - cables!david hudson62009-08-14 12:46
I need 200 alt wicked_213@hotmail.c152009-08-14 03:22
Amp Problem? Subs Not at Full PowerKatlin Lenz72009-08-11 03:41
Single channel amp, but two outputs?Optidriven22009-08-11 02:48
Rd 1750 vs aq2200mike sand32009-08-10 19:25
2 channel amp to power components??Denis Arsenault102009-08-10 03:30
What amp to buy for my two subs?sean42009-08-08 17:03
What size wiring do I need?Garry Robinson32009-08-08 05:31
BIG AMPsean32009-08-08 03:20
Bass wave noise through jl on spl amp....tai hanna12009-08-07 01:00
Amp for 2 CVX 12s on stock electrical?sean92009-08-06 17:23
How do i know what farad cap to use?sean22009-08-06 17:11
ProAcoustic Pram1222 1200w car audio amp?damus smith22009-08-05 09:03
No t40001 any more?mike12009-08-05 06:02
Help By-passing OEM ampGary42009-08-05 02:50
Two amps on 18" btl?mike12009-08-04 20:24
NEED HELP FINDINGSean P42009-08-04 19:38
Amp Suggestionsean22009-08-04 04:44
Amp suggestions 1000 rms at 2ohmsdavid lance142009-08-03 06:03
Amp ConnectionJames Sowell12009-08-03 01:10
Crackling soundGary42009-08-02 20:54
Infinity factory amp bypassGary22009-08-02 20:36
Need help adjusting my jl 1000/1 Gary22009-08-02 20:03
Help...Amp/speakers cut in and out!!!Gary42009-08-02 18:53
Fi subs with...Bassman392009-08-01 06:48
Favorite band or group?Bassman322009-08-01 06:38
What amp should i get david lance62009-08-01 06:16
Best amp for 1 AQ 2.5SDJon42009-07-30 18:06
O2 OXYGEN AUDIOAntoine22009-07-30 15:34
Would the KENWOOD KAC-9104D amp work well with 2 alpine type r's 12...Caleb Lewis42009-07-30 13:59
Amp Cuts Out With VolumeJeremy Graham82009-07-29 19:44
Kenwood kac-9104d pops fuses at med. to high volumeTDWPgtp32009-07-29 18:29
Best Sub for AmpJon42009-07-27 21:47
Simply the BestWalye Jahedi12009-07-25 22:08
Alpine mrp-m1000 or kicker 08zx1000.1?Scott Rambardan142009-07-25 19:16
Which Company have the best ampsOptidriven72009-07-24 14:34
Best amp for my 2 12w6v2's JL slash 1000.1 or hifonics 2000.1...scott schiros52009-07-24 05:19
NEED TO BUY 1000 watt ampdavid lance42009-07-23 15:50
Amp or 3 type r 10s?Ryan L72009-07-23 04:59
Upgrading my amp. any ideas? thinking aq 1200dWickedbass212009-07-23 01:07
Were to get equiptment . Tim Yauch22009-07-21 15:24
What do u think of my system ??Ryan L102009-07-21 00:57
Installing Amp to Factory head unitJon42009-07-20 05:48
Kicker Sx900.4Qcsfinest32009-07-18 16:24
Need Help with ampj blaze52009-07-17 04:08
AQ1200 or HIFONICS BXi-1610D?Wayne Hoffman32009-07-16 23:50
First system please help me!!!mike sand32009-07-16 17:00
I CANNOT decide on which amp to get.sean42009-07-16 06:46
Need 1500w ampmike sand22009-07-15 21:23
1000-1500 watt rms amp?RD is god32009-07-15 17:54
I need a amp!RD is god22009-07-15 17:41
Anybody no a website to buy the aq 1200???Wickedbass22009-07-15 01:46
I need a amp!carlos martinez12009-07-14 17:36
Will my kicker zx750.1 be enough for 1 12" L7 or 2 12" cvr's???...Jon172009-07-13 23:50
NEED TO BUY 1000 watt ampTom Blass62009-07-13 14:49
Trying to find a good amp for my new p3sean72009-07-13 02:37
Alpine Type E 12"Ryan L22009-07-11 15:50
Wiring speakers to the amplifiersJon22009-07-10 07:09
Need to upgrade amps.toledo42009-07-09 00:36
Diablo Audio TechnologiesTroy Jones52009-07-08 09:08
What size kinetik battery should i get ??Snow202009-07-07 18:38
Car Amp Keeps Cutting Out??????Timohty Honablew Jr.52009-07-06 22:57
What one ctmike22009-07-05 18:06
Help buying amp for 2 400w subsmukinfutch72009-07-03 05:42
New amp for premier d2[...Rovin...]42009-07-03 03:15
Alpine or rockford amp?[...Rovin...]62009-07-02 02:16
Amp help please pioneer premier subs[...Rovin...]62009-07-02 02:14
Best Amp[...Rovin...]32009-07-02 02:11
2500 rms amp ???Ryan L52009-07-01 01:22
Crunch 1500.1 for sale !!!ctmike42009-06-30 20:49
Audioque 2200d !!tig O bitties222009-06-30 05:25
Amp decision time....whYTee62009-06-28 03:30
Atomic Amplifiers[...Rovin...]52009-06-28 03:10
Subwoofers and amplifier[...Rovin...]52009-06-28 03:06
Amp not working all of a sudden! Would love some adviceJon32009-06-26 17:48
Nakamichi PA 301paul vaughan12009-06-25 12:43
Amp HPF Knob is brokenJon12009-06-25 04:51
Correct amp and amp mounting?*_wicked_*62009-06-25 04:42
Mb quart ampsjerel wayne coles32009-06-24 20:37
Unexplained Amp ProblemsChris42009-06-24 00:47
HelpRay Nieves32009-06-24 00:23
Amp to power my future subs?kibsaim hernandez72009-06-21 02:26
Memphis 16 mcd 1000kibsaim hernandez42009-06-20 01:36
Please Help...kibsaim hernandez22009-06-19 02:13
Zx1500.1 or mmats d2100.05BernyMac72009-06-18 19:07
RF Prime R500-1 powering JL 10W3v3-2, too much.. just right?John Damon12009-06-18 15:11
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