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DALI Katch G2 Wireless Speaker: Early Thoughts

The DALI Katch G2 Wireless Loudspeaker is definitely a surprise for $499 USD. Perhaps one of the biggest of 2022 so far.

DALI KATCH G2 portable Bluetooth Speaker in Black

One never knows when true beauty is going to reveal itself; it can come in many forms and when it is layered over something of real substance — the impact on your soul and life can be profound. The past few years have been hard. A lot of alone time. Music has helped soothed the soul; along with poetry, movies, and the desire for some joy. The $599 (USD) DALI Katch G2 is one of the most joyous and impressive components I’ve been able to try in many years.

DALI is now distributed by Lenbrook Americas and that raises the stakes for this particular portable Bluetooth loudspeaker. Lenbrook is the parent company of NAD, PSB, and Bluesound and delivers far greater access to retail opportunities for this new speaker going forward.

DALI KATCH G2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Caramel White Lifestyle

The Carmel White finish on the review sample is utterly exquisite; everything about this wireless loudspeaker is impressive on the industrial design front.

The heavy rubber feet create a feeling of stability on kitchen counters, desktops, and even on the surface of a deck; I’ve tried all 3 since its arrival and the leather strap makes me want to take it everywhere.

The DALI Katch G2 supports Bluetooth aptX HD and includes a 3.5mm input jack for wired sources; including a phono preamp, CD player, or an external DAC.

The 30 hour battery life claim seemed a tad over zealous on the part of DALI but I’ve left it playing for days streaming from my both my MacBook Pro and an iPad with results that come very close to that number.

DALI KATCH G2 portable Bluetooth Speaker in Caramel White Top

The Katch G2 feels extremely solid; the aluminum case is quite heavy and I do wish that it came with something more substantial as a carrying case because tossing it into my backpack in the supplied cloth bag felt somewhat scary.

I’ve been fortunate to review the Sonus faber Omnia, and Bluesound Flex Series Wireless Loudspeakers over the past 12 months and both left me really impressed.

The Bluesound is far more affordable than its Italian rival but it doesn’t offer the same level of sound quality; it gets slightly frazzled more easily as you boost the volume or listen to more bass heavy music.

The Dali Katch G2 definitely has a certain range of volume where things can become too much for some rooms; keeping it in the middle or bottom third of its volume range is actually where you will experience its sonic beauty best.

The Varenyky

The Katch G2 sounds extremely spacious; the rather large soundstage is created by a two-way system powered by a pair of 25W Class D amplifiers, which are used to drive two 21mm soft textile dome tweeters, two 3.5-inch aluminum cone low-frequency drivers and two steel cone passive bass radiators.

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DALI KATCH G2 portable Bluetooth Speaker in Chilly Blue

The aluminum body of the compact and portable DALI KATCH G2 has enough inner volume for its dual woofers to deliver a considerable amount of low-end punch. The sound from the DALI KATCH G2 is rendered by a 2-Way stereo speaker system with a larger passive membrane supporting the woofer in the otherwise closed cabinet. In contrast to the original KATCH, the DALI KATCH G2 cabinet now has an internal wall dividing it into two inner volumes, creating improved channel separation. 

By placing a full set of drivers on both sides of the DALI KATCH G2, an almost perfectly omnidirectional dispersion pattern is created. True to DALI heritage, this creates an immense prime listening area whether used indoors or outdoors.

This effect is further enhanced by the internal wall dividing it into two inner volumes, for improved channel separation. Clear and Warm EQ settings permit tailoring the performance to personal tastes, with Warm adding to the bass presence.

DALI KATCH G2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Caramel White

Another new feature is the ability to use two DALI KATCH G2 units, paired together via Bluetooth, to form a wireless dedicated left/right stereo pair.The connection uses one DALI KATCH G2 as the primary and the other DALI KATCH G2 as a secondary unit.

The TWS (true wireless stereo) mode has several advantages; besides adding true stereo imaging, the extra drivers work together to deliver a significantly higher undistorted sound pressure level and improved bass quality and extension – perfect for parties. 

DALI only sent me one unit so I can’t comment on how well this works.

I can relate to every word of Orville Peck’s “The Curse of the Blackened Eye from his latest release and his baritone voice sends shivers down my spine. I’ve heard some call him a one-trick pony; an assessment that I strongly disagree with.

He’s a cross between so many singers that it’s easy to understand why some might consider it a gimmick that he can’t prolong forever; my gut tells me that some are “uncomfortable” with the subject matter and not his voice.

Does he sound like Johnny Cash, Chris Isaak, and a smidgen of Elvis and Roy Orbison at the same time?

Definitely. But he still has to be able to sell a song and he excels at that; better than most right now.

How did the Katch G2 fare with such demanding vocal tracks?

As long as you don’t push it too hard because it can induce some hardness in the midrange and treble, the Danish wireless speaker is extremely resolving, detailed, and punchy when it matters.

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Peck’s vocals were bold, defined, and like a warm varenyky bursting with flavor.

Acoustic music, jazz, and country have been superb so far; horns have bite and detail and I’ve never felt the need to boost the volume too high because it would only ruin the beautiful sound that it creates.

DALI KATCH G2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Iron Black Lifestyle

Has DALI outfoxed Bluesound, Bang & Olufsen, and even Sonus faber with the Katch G2?

Stay tuned for a more detailed review but I think that may be the case in regard to the more expensive Bluesound and B&O rivals.

The DALI Katch G2 is in the running for my favorite product of 2022 — and that’s saying a lot.

Continue reading to learn our final thoughts about the DALI Katch G2.

Where to buy: $599 at Amazon | £379 at

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