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Dirty Weekend Six With Zu Audio

Are you ready for dirty weekend six? Zu Audio are reintroducing these loudspeakers with some substantial upgrades.

Zu Audio Dirty Weekend Six Loudspeakers

I love it when Sean Casey talks dirty. The Zu Audio Dirty Weekend is back with a revised version of the loudspeaker that was always a great bargain. Are you ready for some Dirty Weekend Six? Don’t forget to bring your favorite amplifier and music to set the mood.

The Dirty Weekend Six is a complete platform revamp over the discontinued Omen Dirty Weekend, only the size and famous good looks and tone remain. The Zu Audio DW6 is a healthy slice of the fidelity and precision of Union 6 drenched in the warm wet and full tones of Omen.

Did someone turn up the heat in here?

Have you ever paid $1,599 USD for some dirty weekend six? We suspect that a lot of people will jump at the opportunity to get some on September 1st and even consider two of the upgrade packages that are available.

Zu Audio Dirty Weekend Six Loudspeaker Drivers

The speaker has been redesigned from the ground up to satisfy, with noticeably improved resolution, bass through treble, with deeper bass extension and smoother everywhere, keeping that easy going and always likable charm.

The Zu Audio Dirty Weekend Six is efficient, broad-bandwidth, with a smooth off-axis transition, serves up huge stereo, is rugged… a loudspeaker that responds to your music with agility, precise timing and rich tone.

That seems like a lot of promises and waking up alone in the early morning but we digress.

The Zu Audio Dirty Weekend Six taps the work done for their Series Six loudspeakers, completely leveraging the Union Six’s more functional and innovative cabinet and internal acoustic design which really improves the performance over the dead Omen Dirty Weekend.

For more about what is going on with the cabinet refer to the Zu Union 6, but know that in this design the slightly fiddly floor gap tuning is gone because they were able to put the exit interface out the back—and yet you can place DW6 as close as two inches from the wall behind it.

Zu Audio Dirty Weekend Six Loudspeaker Rear

Implementation of this new cabinet complex dovetails rather well with their warm and rich sounding Zu260-ND 10” [26.2 cm] full-range driver in ways that impress even us.

The DW6 produces deeper bass, with more bass detail thanks to the new cabinet design. It has improved midrange clarity, due in large part to the new cabinet which reduces external and internal noise, and increases treble and overall transparency and transient resolution—to varying degrees depending on the upgrade package.

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One thing that did not change was above mentioned 260 full-range driver, with its less intense, undercut magnet system giving it that characteristic smooth yet expressive sound.

Another unchanged item is the super tweeter which extends the high frequency response to 22kHz—acoustic crossover point between FRD and tweeter also remains at 12kHz. Having the vast majority of the sound field (90%) emanating from the full-range driver makes for a very cohesive and unified wavefront.

Zu is also offering the Dirty Six with a higher quality finish level over the previous Omen DW. Walnut and hickory are done to a finer/flatter surface finish, with interstage fine sanding between top coats, producing a deeper, more crafted looking wood finish.

Painted finishes are also cut to a flatter surface and also feature interstage sanding between coats—results resemble monolithic fine honed stone. Rear-exit port is trimmed in felt, and the bottom is prepped, sanded and finally finished in black epoxy composite.

The Zu Dirty Weekend Six sale goes live September 1, Thursday @ Noon (Mountain)

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