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Zacuto Releases Letus35 Extreme Studio Handheld Packages

For Immediate Release


Steve Weiss

Chicago, IL – Zacuto is announcing the release their new packages for the Letus35 Extreme Lens Adapter []. Zacuto’s product line for Letus35 Extreme [] features a complete setup for handheld use that is lightweight – while integrating all the functionality of Zacuto’s highly rated line of camera support accessories. Besides the handheld package, configurations are also available in two other kits for tripod mounting.

Zacuto’s Letus Studio Handheld Package [] includes the en/, Letus35 Shallow Depth of Field Adapter [,en/] plus all the Zacuto brand hardware necessary to achieve a balanced and completely quick-releasable (Zacuto trademark) shooting outfit that is quick to setup and fast to move about on location.

The DOF adapter is a powerful tool, allowing inexpensive DV, HDV and HD cameras with small CCD’s to capture a shallow depth-of-field to achieve a 35mm motion picture look. One interesting benefit is that while the DOF is very similar to 35mm film cameras; with the 1/3″ pickup area, the field-of-view is much wider. This is a huge benefit to independent filmmakers because they are typically on location vs. a studio and need the widest field-of-view (wide angle) they can get. The Letus35 Extreme adapter is an affordable yet high quality unit which is easy to use and will fit all cameras.

“After extensive tests, I’ve found that Letus35 Extreme loses the least amount of light of any of the DOF adapters on the market (including P+S-Technik & the Movie Tube)” says, Jens Bogehegn, Product Designer/Technician Zacuto USA.

“We invented a new part just for the Letus35 called the Z-Riser []. When using a DOF adapter two issues are important. Balance & Support []. These setups tend to be very front heavy so designing the system with balance is critical for both handheld and tripod use. Second, support is key to your equipment lasting. Electronics are delicate, in a Zacuto setup, the electronic components including the Letus35 just sit with no pressure on them on the Zacuto rig. The Zacuto setup has to take all of the stresses or damage will occur to the electronic components.” Says, Steve Weiss, Product Designer/Sales Zacuto USA.

The Zacuto Letus35 Extreme case [] is the first of its kind to be able to put the entire built Letus35 setup in a case fully assembled. It could take 30 minutes to assemble all of the parts of your rig each time you set it up. “The less you take the components on and off the less breakage you will have. Plus, you can come out of the case and shoot within 1 minute, who wouldn’t want that?'” says, Steve Weiss, Product Designer/Sales, Zacuto USA.

“Our handheld kit for the Letus35 adapter uses more than a dozen of Zacuto’s best products, including our latest (Version 3) Universal Baseplate [] and Z-grips [] ” says Steve Weiss, Zacuto’s Co-Designer/Sales Director. “Z-Grips give you that Zacuto low hand position that DP’s say is much less fatiguing when shooting for many hours. Plus, the handgrips themselves fully articulate for further comfort.”

For more information about the Zacuto/Letus Extreme Configurations visit

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About Zacuto:

Zacuto offers custom HD video camera packages and accessories for sale and rent. carries the latest technology in HD 24p cameras and specializes in its all inclusive camera packages and accessories featuring the Zacuto USA brand.

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Steve Weiss

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