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  • 72″ 480Hz SPS™ TruLED™ Full HD3D™HDTV with 480 zones of Smart Dimming™ Technology, built-in wireless HDMI and VIZIO INTERNET APPS™ (VIA) with High Definition wireless networking is VIZIO’s largest HDTV in 2010 Collection
  • 58″ Razor LED™ with Smart Dimming™ Cinema Display in 21×9 aspect ratio enables film enthusiasts to view 2.35:1 films on a full screen (2560×1080) without black bars. It also includes built-in wireless HDMI and VIZIO INTERNET APPS™ (VIA) with High Definition wireless networking, perfect for interactive television.
  • 55″ 480Hz SPS™ TruLED™ Full HD3D™HDTV with 120 zones of Smart Dimming™ Technology with built in wireless HDMI and VIZIO INTERNET APPS™ (VIA) with High Definition wireless networking
  • 47″ 480Hz SPS™ TruLED™ Full HD3D™HDTV with 160 zones of Smart Dimming™ Technology with built in wireless HDMI and VIZIO INTERNET APPS™ (VIA) with High Definition wireless networking
  • Built-in wireless HDMI feature eliminates the need for a HDMI cable connected to the display by streaming Full HD quality content from video sources wirelessly with robust 60GHz technology when connected to an optional VIZIO Wireless HDMI Adapter
  • All VIZIO XVT Pro HDTVs include VIZIO INTERNET APPS™ (VIA) built-in high definition wireless (802.11n dual-band) and wired networking, a Bluetooth universal remote control with sliding QWERTY keyboard, and interactive setup video to guide users step-by-step to easily connect their HDTV

VIZIO has unveiled their new high-performance XVT Pro Series of 480Hz SPS™ 16×9 TruLED™ Full HD3D™HDTVs available in 72″, 55″ and 47″ sizes, as well as a 58″ Cinema Wide HDTV that displays content in 21 x 9 aspect ratio. The 480Hz SPS™ 16×9 TruLED™ Full HD3D™HDTVs incorporate the very latest in advanced HDTV technology with 480Hz SPS™, TruLED™ brilliant LEDs that pervade the entire screen, Smart Dimming™ circuitry controls hundreds of zones of LEDs per screen to the precise light level per picture frame. In addition, the set’s full HD3D™ delivers stunning 3D images in FULL HD 1080P resolution, with other advanced features like VIZIO INTERNET APPS™ (VIA) built-in high definition wireless (802.11n dual-band) and wired networking, a Bluetooth universal remote control with sliding QWERTY keyboard, and Wireless HDMI which allows the TV to receive HD video and audio from sources without an HDMI cable.

“VIZIO’s entry into custom and specialty electronics is great for the industry. VIZIO has built strong brand recognition, so offering specialty retailers and custom installers exclusive access to a line with features they can market is a nice sales tool. Customers already know the VIZIO brand and it’s an easy transition to educating them about the benefits of their advanced 3D, LED technology and unique solutions such as (21:9) 2.35:1 native aspect ratio HDTVs,” said Tom LeBlanc, Senior Writer/Technology Editor, CE Pro magazine.

XVTPRO 3D Ready 1080p TruLED™ 480Hz SPS™ TVs

Model Size Smooth Motion Smart Dimming HDMI 1.3 Inputs VIA/Wi-Fi Bluetooth Advanced True Wide Polarizer SRS Audio In Store MSRP
XVTPRO720SV 72″ Yes — 480Hz SPS 480 Zones 5 Yes Yes No Studio Sound HD Aug $3499
XVTPRO550SV 55″ Yes — 480Hz SPS 120 Zones 5 Yes Yes Yes Studio Sound HD Aug $2499
XVTPRO470SV 47″ Yes — 480Hz SPS 160 Zones 5 Yes Yes Yes Studio Sound HD Aug $1999

“Our 2010 XVT Pro series offers a refreshing combination of the latest technology like 480Hz SPS™ TruLED™ coupled with must-have features like immersive FULL HD3D™ experience and VIZIO INTERNET APPS (with built in wireless networking) and wireless HDMI and Bluetooth capabilities. We at VIZIO are setting new standards for picture quality and user experience,” said Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing Communications. “50% of consumers want a 3D home theater, according to Quixel Research, and our new XVT Pro Series brings the latest technology to consumers who want the absolute BEST in class.”

Defining state of the art performance, these VIZIO 72″, 55″ and 47″ Full HD3D™ TVs advance refresh rates to 480Hz SPS™ with VIZIO’s Smooth Motion™ technology. Their TruLED™ brilliant LEDs pervade the entire display (Under 3″ profile) and have Smart Dimming™ circuitry that controls hundreds of zones of LEDs per screen to the precise light level per picture frame in 480, 120 and 160 zones, respectively. The XVT Pro series offers an incredible 10 million to 1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio™ for extraordinary picture quality that delivers incredible color, and even brighter whites and deeper blacks than ever before while displaying 1.7 Billion Colors using a 10-Bit data input panel.

For environments with bright ambient lighting, the 55″ and 47″ models feature a unique anti-reflective panel that produces better contrast with rich and deep blacks even in brightly lit rooms.

Utilizing SENSIO 3D technology to deliver 3D content over conventional 2D infrastructure, the new VIZIO XVT Pro Full HD3D TVs display stunning 3D content that the user can view with XpanD active-shutter glasses (sold separately). Unlike other 3D TVs that use passive stereoscopic imaging, VIZIO’s Full HD3D TVs can display full 1080p video to each eye by rapidly alternating between the left-eye and right-eye images within the same visual space. The special active-shutter glasses, which communicate with the television over Bluetooth, then transform each lens from opaque to transparent in perfect synchronization with the images displayed on the TV, which allows for delivery of the full frame rate capable by the television for the ultimate 3D HDTV viewing experience.

These sets can produce 3D images from SENSIO encoded material on conventional DVD and Blu-ray players, as well as from future distribution channels such as pay per view, video on demand, DTV and HDTV broadcasts.

“We are pleased to be working closely with VIZIO and be a part of the creation of a substantial install-base of consumers ready to watch 3D movies, live concerts, and sporting events from the comfort of their home,” states Nicholas Routhier, President and Chief Executive Officer of SENSIO Technologies.

“We are excited to partner with VIZIO as catalysts in the 3D revolution for the home,” said Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD. “The combination of XpanD Cinema active-shutter glasses and Vizio displays will provide an immersive, dynamic and cost-effective solution for VIZIO XVT Pro owners.”

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Wireless HDMI
Eliminating the need for an HDMI cable from source components to the display, the 72″, 55″ and 47″ XVT Pro Series have an integrated Wireless HDMI receiver built-in, using SiBEAM’s robust 60 GHz technology to receive HD content from high definition sources such as Blu-ray players or set-top boxes with full HD 1080p resolution when paired with a separately available VIZIO XVT Pro Wireless HDMI Adapter. The XVT Pro Adapter supports up to 4 HDMI sources and operates at 60GHz to avoid interference with other wireless devices in the home like cordless telephones and wireless networks that operate at 2.4 and 5 GHz.

SRS StudioSound HD
VIZIO XVT Pro TVs will feature SRS StudioSound HD — the ultimate all-in-one audio suite designed specifically for Flat Panel TVs. Years of excellence in audio, practical experience and patented technologies allow StudioSound HD to deliver the most immersive and natural surround sound ever using built-in TV speakers. The suite also delivers remarkably crisp and clear dialog, rich bass, an elevated sound stage and consistent, spike-free volume levels. StudioSound HD features optimized audio presets for movies, news, sports and music while also providing a built-in EQ toolset for peak audio performance.

All of the XVT Pro sets feature the VIZIO INTERNET APPS™ (VIA) Connected HDTV platform, delivering unprecedented choice and control of web-based content directly to the television without the need of a PC or set-top box. Able to connect to the Internet using the built-in high definition wireless (802.11n dual-band) or a wired connection, accessing on demand movies, TV episodes, music and other online content is easy, using the included Bluetooth universal remote control with sliding QWERTY keyboard that makes thumb-typing easy.

58″ Cinema Wide Display

Taking a major step forward in enabling viewers to experience a fully immersive widescreen film experience without a separate projector and screen, VIZIO’s first Cinema Wide Display, the XVTPRO580CD offers the ultimate experience for the movie enthusiast. This 58″ Razor LED display has a 21×9 aspect ratio, with an incredible resolution of 2560 x 1080p, allowing consumers to view 2.35:1 “Scope” aspect ratio films using the entire display area, with no loss of resolution and no black bars. With 1 million to 1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio™, Smart Dimming™, and 120 Hz with Smooth Motion technology, the XVTPRO580CD delivers brilliant details and rich colors to bring the cinematic experience into the home.

Its striking wide appearance is further enhanced by its brushed aluminum chassis. The Cinema Wide Display also includes VIA, built-in wireless (802.11n dual-band) or wired networking, and a Bluetooth universal remote control with sliding QWERTY keyboard. It is expected to ship later this year.

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