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Valor Multimedia Introduces NVG-720WT and NVG-670WT

Valor Multimedia introduces NVG-720WT and NVG-670WT AM/FM/CD/DVD in-dash fully motorized touch screen LCDs. The NVG-720 is a 1-DIN 7-inch screen, and the NVG-670WT is a 2-DIN 6.5-inch screen. The NVG-670WT features true multi-zone operation with separate audio and video zones for the front and rear seats, all controlled with a dedicated rear zone IR wireless remote control. The NAV-1 is built-in to the NVG-670WT and included with NVG-720WT for voice prompted touch screen navigation.

Other key features are as follows:


Multi-Zone Technology
All Valor Multimedia Mobile Multimedia products have true multi-zone capabilities. They contain dedicated video and audio outputs for the rear seat passengers. Multi-zone capability allows rear seat passengers to watch and listen to a DVD from the unit’s internal mechanism, while front seat passengers listen to AM or FM radio or Satellite Radio. With navigation, users can use the main screen to view map guidance information and voice prompting of next turn information. Rear seat passengers have their own dedicated IR wireless remote control that only controls the function that they are using.

Surround Sound Technology
Dolby Digital provides three channels of front sound, together with two rear surround channels and a dedicated low frequency channel for a subwoofer. This combination can reproduce the dynamic sound field of a movie theater in the confined space of the average vehicle. All units use the Zoran LSI (Large Scale Integrated Circuit) chip for all 5.1 digital surround sound processing. This state-of-the-art chip is also used in home theater applications, and is considered to be the best 5.1 processing device available today. For audiophile sound quality, the Valor Multimedia units use 24-bit Delta-Sigma D/A converters for accurate decoding of all digital audio signals. The NVG-720WT and NVG-670WT feature Dolby Pro-Logic II in addition to:
*DVD Mechanism plays DVD Video, CD Audio, VCD, MP3 and WMA
*SD Card Reader
*Plays MPEG1, 2 MPEG4 Video files including avi and Xvid
*Displays JPEG picture files
*Last Position Memory
*Plays DVD Audio discs


*1-A/V Input
*2.5V Line Level Outputs (Front, Rear, Sub, Center)
*Bass/Treble Tone Control
*Rear Vision Camera Input
*Fixed 2 Channel Audio Output for Rear Zone
*Independent gain adjustments for Tuner, DVD/CD, AUX Satellite Radio, iPod, Bluetooth, TV Tuner and SD Card
*24 Bit Dac
*2 Rear Video Outputs
*Built-in TV Tuner (TV Antenna Included)


High-Resolution LCD Screens
All Valor Multimedia video screens use the latest in active matrix LCD technology to give you the brightest, most detailed image available. TFT’s (Thin Film Transistors) are attached to each RGB (red/green/blue) pixel to provide more control over the color being reproduced. This method helps reduce display “white-wash” associated with a conventional passive-matrix screen, and insures
optimal picture quality from any viewing angle. The NVG-720WT and NVG-670WT also feature16:9 LCD Display, turn-by-turn on-screen display, 336,950 pixel display and NTSC/PAL Compatible…

Touch Screen Technology
All new Valor Multimedia Touch screen units have unique interactive touch screen operation. All functions of the unit, source select, radio presets, Satellite Radio or iPod control and DVD video playback can be controlled by simply touching the screen.

In the DVD mode, touching the right side of the screen moves you to the next chapter, and touching the left side of the screen moves you to the previous chapter. When in the main DVD menu, the DVD menus become interactive. Simply touch the menu text, and the DVD will react to whatever was touched. The touch-sensitive screen is protected from scratches and other damage by a special coating. The coating allows rapid response to screen touch, with little pressure required.

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Fully-Motorized In-Dash Monitors
All Valor Multimedia units feature a monitor with a fully motorized mechanism that opens and closes at a touch of a button. On both the 7-inch and 6.5-inch in-dash units, the tilt angle can be adjusted for maximum visibility. The monitor will remember the setting when used next time. The 7-inch in-dash units can also be programmed to close the screen when the ignition is turned off, and open the screen when the ignition is turned on.


Navigation Included/Built-In
GPS navigation is built in NVG-670WT and is included in NVG-720WT. With navigation, users can enjoy Valor Multimedia’s recently introduced Navigation Technology. A unique system that does not use hard drive based storage. Valor Navigation uses SD card technology for map storage, which makes response time faster than hard drive based systems. The system uses turn by turn guidance complete with voice prompt with an on-screen display of your course, detailed information with distance and time to the next turn and distance and time of arrival at your destination. The map display can be shown on the screen as a 2D view, a 3D view or a split screen with both views. Also, you can enter address in formation into the system by points of interest. The database uses 2 GB for the United States/2 million points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, etc. Other navigation features include:
*Smart Dial Technology
*Includes whole Maps of United States in a 2G SD Card
*Includes GPS Antenna and Interface Cable
*2D/3D Map Views

  • Automatic Rerouting


    Interface (iPod and Satellite Radio) Technology
    Valor Multimedia includes both iPod (Audio/Video) and Satellite Radio (XM) control for units NVG-720WT and NVG-670WT.
    With this technology, a user can control all functions of both an iPod and Satellite Radio by simply touching the touch screen. Display Satellite Radio information, such as artist, song title, station information and presets on the main screen with the included interface cable. With the supplied iPod interface cable, you can also connect iPod (standard, Nano or Video), and have full control over all iTunes functions, such as playlists, files and folders. The iPod is charged while it is connected to the interface cable.


    Bluetooth Technology
    A built-in Bluetooth interface in the units allows users to enjoy Bluetooth wireless technology, a short-range communications technology intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. This technology addresses the mandatory hands-free laws taking effect in states like California for 2007. Use the adaptor for hands-free dialing and answering of your cell phone through a built-in microphone. Cell phone audio is transmitted through the speakers in the car, and the audio program is automatically muted until the call is finished. You can even dial a phone number from the units’ touch screen display or recall a stored number from the phone’s address book. Just touch the displayed number, and the phone will dial it.

    About Valor Multimedia: As one of China’s largest manufacturers of DVD mechanisms, Valor Multimedia is recognized as a leader in technology, development and production of both home and mobile DVD players. Valor China has two factories and is the producing division for all of Valor Multimedia Mobile Video products. All products are 100 percent quality tested in China to assure zero defects and to maintain Valor Multimedia’s reputation for superior reliability. They are also spot checked in the United States for enhanced quality control.

    As a leader in Mobile Entertainment, Valor Multimedia offers a broad selection of mobile multimedia product. From headrest monitors, overhead monitors, overhead All-in-One monitors with DVD, in-dash All-in-One single and double DIN with AM/FM/DVD/Changer Controllers, to all the right accessories, Valor Multimedia covers all the bases at very attractive prices.

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