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Ultralink Fail Open Surge Protection System


Ultralink Celebrates “Fail Open” Patent for UltraPower Surge Protection Products

Ultralink/XLO Products, Inc., an innovative and prolific manufacturer of award-winning audio and video interconnects, cables and AC power products, celebrates our newly-awarded Patent No. 7,561,388 for a Fail Open Surge Protection System addressing audio and especially complex, interconnected home theater installs.

The Classic but Flawed Approach
Most “surge protection” devices use MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) for surge protection. Think about MOVs as shock absorbers: Contrary to popular belief, they have an actual life span and don’t blow out completely on the first hit. Of course, inexpensive MOVs have a short life span but high performance units last a good deal longer while absorbing all the tiny-to-catastrophic surges that occur every day. When the death knell sounds–perished by a thousand cuts–MOVs no longer offer surge protection and you’re left with a glorified multi-outlet extension cord. And as it “fails closed”–still passing AC–it’s ready to fry your system at the next major event.

UltraPower’s Smart Power Technology “Fails Open!”
Our new patent involves the latest in microprocessor control technology. We call it ASP for Active Surge Processor, a very intelligent chip that monitors the incoming AC in real time for abnormal voltage and looks for anomalies in grounding and polarity. This overachieving technology also monitors the state of its MOVs!

UltraPower surge protection is tough! If your outlet isn’t grounded the ASP won’t pass AC. If the polarity is reversed there’s no AC. If the MOVs are shot there’s no AC. When there’s a brown-out or a sudden power surge the microprocessor shuts the unit down and–all together now–no AC! Ever at your service, when voltage returns to normal the microprocessor turns the unit back on, all in real time, with no deep fried components.

Other manufacturers install a slow-acting and rudimentary thermal-fuse-and-MOV circuit or a relay. UltraPower’s smart Active Surge Processor has a response time of less than one nano-second! By any measure… that’s fast! Because our surge protection and power products are of recent design, they all meet the latest Underwriters Laboratories 3rd Edition 1449 standards, safety and testing protocols, for 2009 and 2010.

Available Now in Powersource™ PS-1060i, PS-1040i, PowerGrid PGX-500, PGX-400, and PGX-300 and other UltraPower Components.

{About Ultralink Products, Inc.
Ultralink/XLO Products Inc., headquartered in Ontario, California is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance audio and video cables and UltraPower™ AC power products, Canada’s market share leader in the field. In early 2002 Ultralink Products Inc. acquired XLO Electric Co., Inc. a well-known brand of audiophile reference cables and interconnects. Ultralink also introduced the elegant “Engineering Truth” Argentum Acoustics™ line of cables and accessories. Ultralink is a member of PARA, CEDIA and the CEA.

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