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UEI QuickSet Remote Controls

Simple, Three Step On-Screen Universal Remote Control Set Up Solution; First Available With Onkyo A/V Receivers

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) today announced the availability of the customized UEI QuickSet™ on-screen set up application, utilizing UEI’s XMP-2 infrared (IR) protocol. Onkyo Corporation will be the first company to ship universal remotes featuring UEI QuickSet with certain models of their latest line of audio video receivers

UEI QuickSet Dramatically Improves the Out of Box Experience
UEI QuickSet is the first of its kind embedded application that enables the simplest universal remote control set-up by using guided on-screen instructions and a revolutionary wireless two-way communication link between the remote and the audio video (AV) equipment.

UEI QuickSet dramatically improves customer satisfaction by simplifying the set up process and reducing the complexity and number of steps required. With UEI QuickSet, customers can now integrate their new receiver to work with the rest of their home theater devices in just three easy steps, simplified by an on-screen set-up process viewed through one of the receiver’s many video outputs. Traditionally consumers have needed to hunt through and decipher user manuals and then go through the process of manually entering device codes into their universal remote control until each of their AV devices could be controlled. UEI QuickSet technology is a menu-driven interface that simplifies setup by identifying the type of device to be controlled, the brand of the target device, and then prompting the user with a simple confirmation test to validate that the remote is controlling the equipment correctly.

UEI QuickSet also offers the benefit of saving user-defined remote settings which allows consumers to quickly and easily save and then transfer the setup configuration to a replacement remote, saving consumers time from having to reprogram the replacement remote.

XMP-2 Makes it Possible
The key to UEI QuickSet’s effectiveness lies in the two-way communication link between the remote and AV equipment. Onkyo chose UEI’s XMP-2 technology, an innovative extensible multimedia protocol, which enables two-way infrared (IR) communication between the universal remote control and the Onkyo receiver allowing IR code data and configuration settings to be sent to the remote control from the A/V equipment.

“We are pleased to introduce this new and exciting feature,” says Nobuaki Okuda, Director and Executive Officer, Business Development for Onkyo Corporation. “An 8-device remote can be complex to set up by traditional means. UEI QuickSet’s on-screen capabilities combined with the efficiency of XMP-2 make the entire process very simple and intuitive. We are confident that consumers will appreciate the benefits UEI QuickSet brings to a simplified set-up process and ultimately enjoy an even better experience with our product.”

“UEI QuickSet is a truly unique way to simplify the universal remote control setup process,” says Paul Arling, Chairman and CEO of Universal Electronics. “Our research has shown that even in households that own a universal remote, many people still use multiple remotes, because the manual set up process is either too complicated, unreliable, or it takes too long. We are excited to include UEI QuickSet in Onkyo’s latest line of receivers, now enabling universal remote setup to be done effortlessly with interactive on-screen menus.”

The new Onkyo receivers with UEI QuickSet are slated to be available in the Fall of 2009.

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