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CES 2022: TCL Previews 98-inch QLED 4K TV and 85-inch 8K TV

TCL adds to their XL TV collection for 2022, as well as bringing OD Zero, TruCut, and 144Hz refresh rates tech to U.S. consumers.

2022 TCL 98R754 QLED 98-inch 4K TV

Ever since TCL entered the U.S. TV market they have been on a steady climb in both sales and popularity. However, in 2021, they did hit a speed bump and their implementation of Google TV into their 5 and 6-series TVs was less than desirable. That being said, those problems were resolved and Google TV is running fine.

At the 2022 CES, there was no mention of the Google TV “speed bump”, but there were significant announcements that should bring positive notice to their U.S. TV presence. 

98R754 98-inch 4K TV

TCL 98R754 QLED 98-inch 4K TV 2022
TCL 98R754 QLED 98-inch 4K TV (2022 model)

With its XL (Xtra Large) collection, TCL has been emphasizing larger screen sizes, but still maintaining affordability for consumers. 

The latest entry into the XL Collection is the 98R754. This TV features TCL’s largest screen at 98-inches and is jam-packed with lots of practical features.

Here are the highlights:

4K UHD Display Resolution: 3840  x 2160 pixels = 8.2 million pixels (8 megapixels)

QLED: A QLED TV is an LCD TV with LED backlights with a layer of Quantum Dots to improve color. 

Contrast Control Zones: This technology maximizes contrast using Full Array Local Dimming

HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG

Google TV OS: This includes three elements: 

  • Android TV:  Pre-loaded streaming services, as well as several thousand more that can be added directly to the TV via the Google Play Store. In addition, Google TV provides direct access to Google Play movies and music, as well as Google Stadia Gaming.
  • Chromecast built-in: This allows you to cast content directly from compatible smartphones instead of having to use a plug-in chromecast media streamer. 
  • Google Assistant: This provides the ability to use voice search to find content, manage apps, control TV settings, answer questions, and control other google-assistant compatible smart home devices.

TIP: Alexa voice control is also provided. 

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AiPQ Engine™: This technology intelligently enhances the picture as you watch in real-time. Machine-learning algorithms work to give you the best possible viewing experience with accurate color, sharpness, and depth.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): This helps to provide seamless, smooth, gameplay

Auto Game Mode: This provides fast-response between the game controller and the TV.

Natural Motion 480: This augments the TV’s 120Hz rate to provide smooth motion when needed.  

HDMI: 4 HDMI inputs. 1 HDMI input is  eARC-enabled for easy connection to an external soundbar or home theater audio system,  

FullView Edge-to-Edge Glass Design: An edge-to-edge glass display and brushed metal finish let you feel the power and refinement before you even turn it on.

Where to buy: The TCL 98R754 will be available for $7,999 at Amazon.

85X925PRO 85-inch 8K TV

TCL X925PRO 85-inch OD Zero mini-LED 8K TV
TCL X925PRO 85-inch OD Zero mini-LED 8K TV

The TCL 85X925PRO earned a CES 2022 Innovation Award for its innovative technologies. 

Although having a smaller screen than the 98-inch 98R754, it’s still rather large at 85-inches and also packs in advanced features that are not available on the rest of TCL’s TVs, at least for this year. 

We previously covered the TCL 85X925PRO 8K TV when it was first announced in September of 2021. Below is a brief summary of several key features of the 85X925PRO that will pique your interest to dig deeper into our previous article:

8K Resolution Display: 7,680 x 4,320 pixels = 33.3 million pixels (33 megapixels) total displayed on the screen . This provides excellent detail for a large screen, and 8K smart upscaling is provided to make sure that 4K and lower resolution content looks as good as possible on the screen. 

HD 4K 8K Resolution Example

OD Zero Technology: OD Zero, or Optical Depth Zero, refers to the distance between the backlight and LCD display layer in TVs featuring this technology. TCL is claiming that the distance between the backlight and the LCD layer in the 85X925PRO is zero.

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TCL OD Zero mini-LED Technology

MiniLED Backlight: TVs that use Mini-LEDs are LCD TVs that still use LED backlighting – but the Mini-LED light bulbs are much smaller, numbering in the thousands for the 85X925PRO.This provides more precise control of the light passing through the LCD pixels so that bright and dark objects look their best.  

Convention LED vs TCL Mini-LED Example

The 85X925PRO also incorporates a Quantum Dot layer, Google TV, a Pop-Up Camera, additional audio/video processing, an innovative sound system, and design features that are discussed in our previous article mentioned above.   

Where to buy: The suggested price is $9,999.99 and availability will be announced soon. 

TIP: If you are looking for the biggest screen possible, but still want a great picture, TCL hopes you consider the 98R754. However, if you are a videophile that wants the best of everything on your TV, then the TCL 85X925PRO might be the best choice.

 UPDATE 1/11/22: TCL adds built-in WiSA capability to the 85-inch X925PRO, this means that you connect this TV directly to compatible WiSA-compatible speaker systems for a fully wireless home theater audio setup.

Other TCL TV Tech 

In addition to the TVs discussed above, TCL announced two additional features coming to their TVs later in 2022. 

144HZ Refresh Rate: To make TCL TVs more popular with gamers, in addition, it was announced that forthcoming select TV TVs will incorporate the ability to display 4K resolution a 144Hz refresh rate. However, it looks like, at least so far, that on the 98R754 and 85X925PRO this specification is not listed. 

TrueCut Motion: One of the problems of all LCD-based TVs is the ability to display accurate motion. As a result, TCL has partnered with Pixelworks to provide improved motion processing for TCL TVs. 

Check out our complete CES 2022 Coverage.

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