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Supreme Master Television – The Worlds First All-Positive Free-to-Air Satellite Television


‘Finally, a TV channel that is broadcasting from heaven,’ ‘Your TV is the best thing that could have happened to the planet,’ and ‘Often my tears roll down because of the overwhelming beauty and love,’ are but a few of the comments viewers of Supreme Master Television have made.

Premiered in September 2006, Supreme Master Television has been offering its unique brand of uplifting programming via satellite in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, and online via streaming media. Starting from November 16, 2007, it will reach out to a global audience with the addition of ten new satellite platforms.

Supreme Master Television offers audiences a new way to view television ‘” in a purely positive light. From its broadcasts of peace-building news events, to interviews with presidents, celebrities and the extraordinary peace wishes of ordinary people, it is a bridge for understanding through its features on the beauty of all nations and cultures, and the pure love and nobility of animals. Highlighting the spirit of peace and love, Supreme Master Television features hourly positive news, celebrations of cultural diversity, tips on maintaining personal and environmental health, golden age technologies, vegetarian cooking shows, and animal heroes. Each show is subtitled in as many as 22 languages per day.

Los Angeles Mayor, the Honorable Antonio R. Villaraigosa, commented: ‘Supreme Master Television offers a viable alternative ‘ you promote programs of peace and brotherhood ‘ your station offers examples of compassion and love ‘ Supreme Master Television reminds us of our shared humanity and our common commitment to building a better world for ourselves and our children.

The global launch on November 16 featured a live telecast with Supreme Master Ching Hai, the author of the #1 best selling books, The Birds in My Life and The Dogs in My Life. In the two beautifully illustrated books, she details her experiences in rescuing and getting acquainted with the noble personalities of over 30 birds and dogs. A Gusi Peace Price winner for her worldwide humanitarian work and contribution for world peace,Upload Supreme Master Ching Hai is an accomplished poet, artist, author, and spiritual teacher who sets a brilliant example of selfless service and unconditional love.

Information on viewing our programming via satellite can be found at here. For those without satellite access, the programs can be viewed via steaming media at

Noteworthy News presents heartwarming news from around the globe, exalting good deeds and bringing awareness to important social issues.
Words of Wisdom features lectures by Supreme Master Ching Hai, a world-renowned humanitarian, respected spiritual teacher and accomplished artist, which will inspire & ennoble your lives.
A Journey through Aesthetic Realms is an award-winning series that presents entertainment programs with lively performances from around the world. This long-running television program had been regularly broadcast in the United States to 90 million viewers.
Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living seeks to inform you why and how to lead a fulfilling vegetarian life, through cooking shows, and interviews with medical and nutritional experts, as well as celebrities.
Music & Poetry features exquisite poetic verses and melodious songs, performed by Supreme Master Ching Hai and other celebrated artists.
Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants demonstrates effective and loving ways to care for our animal friends. This show will also feature true stories which reveal the intelligence and the loyal love of animals that will touch your hearts.
Planet Earth: Our Loving Home – As a tribute to our beautiful planet, this show features various ways to care for her precious resources. The time is here and now to preserve the environment and the wonderland we call home.
Between Master and Disciples offers a glimpse into candid conversations between Supreme Master Ching Hai and spiritual practitioners on subjects ranging from daily life to the secrets of the universe and much more.
Healthy Living provides information on preventive and holistic approaches to wellness, fitness and nutrition.
Cinema Scene takes a look at some of the latest movies as well as the favorite classics and inspirational films.
Vegetarian Elite Past and present vegetarians are featured on this show and their compassionate lifestyle.
The World Around Us journeys across the globe to discover and introduce the famous spiritual locations that are definitely worth visiting.
Models of Success highlights people who have taken their success to help others and the world.
Enlightening Entertainment features unique interviews, inspiring movies and documentaries that elevate the soul and nourish the spirit.
Science & Spirituality The correlation and similarities between science and spirituality are fascinating and this series explores this interesting relation between the two.
Good People, Good Works celebrates modern day heroes who help others and strives for the altruistic ideals to better society.
Our Noble Lineage is a reflective look at our cultural, religious, and spiritual roots in vegetarianism.

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