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Center Speakers

Snell Acoustics Phantom Center Speaker


Creates Reference Quality Theater with Phantom Loudspeaker System or Snell’s Flagship Illusion

Snell Acoustics announced the upcoming introduction of its new Phantom Center loudspeaker (SRP: $7,500), a reference quality center channel speaker matching the quality, style and performance of the company’s recently introduced Phantom B7 Tower. Both the Phantom B7 and the new Phantom Center loudspeaker are engineered to provide the style and incredible audio performance of the company’s flagship Illusion, only on a scale appropriate for conventional living rooms. Phantom Center gives discriminating consumers the opportunity to create a “Best in Class” surround sound system. Its astounding power and performance are made possible through the utilization of many of the leading-edge technologies featured in Snell’s flagship Illusion and shared with the Phantom Tower. The Snell Phantom Center is scheduled for market introduction in March 2010.

Ultimate Center-Channel Performance; Matchless Crossover Design
To achieve the impact, bass extension and nuance of its larger siblings, Phantom Center integrates ultra premium transducers with Snell’s matchless crossover and cabinet making expertise, resulting in unimpeded clarity and unrestricted detail. When paired with Phantom B7 Tower loudspeakers, any music and cinema programming will envelop the entire listening area in a richly detailed audio soundscape of incredible bandwidth and holographic imaging.

Designed by Joe D’Appolito Ph.D., Snell’s Chief Engineer, Phantom Center boasts the same dual 4.5-inch machined XL magnesium midrange drivers as the Phantom B7 tower, mounted over and under an extremely low-resonance 1-inch SEAS XL silk dome tweeter with neo-magnet. This configuration, renowned as the “D’Appolito Array,” is a fine-tuned symphony of driver elements, transducer parameters and geometric layout, and time-domain design of electrical components, all conspiring toward a single goal: a coordinated wave-front with smooth and consistent axial dispersion. The resulting 3-dimensional soundfield brings together clarity, definition, transient accuracy, and dynamic potential, with the freedom from coloration that is achievable in no other way.

Further enhancing the dynamic listening experience afforded by Phantom Center are dual 8″ aluminum woofers coupled to the loudspeaker’s unique enclosure, ensuring fast, detailed, extended bass. In addition, Phantom Center’s discrete crossover boards for bass, midrange and treble dramatically reduce distortion while allowing for triamp (triwire), biamp (biwire) and single amp connectivity.

The Phantom Finish
Snell’s stellar reputation in the audio world for their fine wood finishes and craftsmanship is exemplified in the Phantom line. The finish is high-gloss black under multi-coated, hand-rubbed clear lacquer. But virtually any paint or wood finish, however familiar or exotic, is available under special order.

About Snell Acoustics
For over 30 years, Snell Acoustics has designed and manufactured high-end loudspeakers, and has earned a reputation as one of the world’s foremost manufactures of custom-built, handcrafted speakers. Produced in Peabody, Massachusetts, the company is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing hand-made cabinets, award-winning sound, and pioneering efforts with THX™. Snell Acoustics is a wholly owned subsidiary of D&M Holdings Inc.

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