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MOON By SimAudio’s 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier Is The Rebirth Of A Classic

MOON by SimAudio’s 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier now represents the entry point into their award-winning range of components.

Moon Audio 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier atop 280D DAC

MOON by SimAudio is a Quebec-based high-end brand with an established history of award-winning components that have impressed us for a few decades. The focus is on engineering the best possible components with superb build quality. We’ve included the MOON by SimAudio LP110 V2 on our “Best Audiophile Phono Preamp” List for over 2 years and it’s a massive bargain below $650 USD.

The LP110 V2 is one of the few really affordable components in the lineup, and we’ve wondered for the past year if they planned on bringing back any of their legacy products at prices that more audiophiles could afford.

Moon Audio 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier Front Angle

The $2,400 MOON 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier looks like a great entry point if it delivers their usual high level of performance. We do wish that it included streaming capabilities but apparently not at this price.

MOON has announced a new version of its 250i integrated amplifier. It features an upgraded circuit design, a new shield for the power supply, and finally an MM phono preamplifier. The MOON by SimAudio 250i v2 is an analog design classic designed to be the gateway into the MOON range of products.

Moon Audio 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier atop 280D DAC Lifestyle with Voice 22 Loudspeaker
Moon Audio 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier atop 280D DAC with Voice 22 Loudspeaker

The new MOON 250i v2 builds on the foundations of the previous award-winning models. The upgraded circuit design uses next generation semiconductors to provide an improvement in sound quality, and the addition of the MM phono preamplifier increases functionality – for the first time, turntables can now be connected directly to the 250i allowing the listener to enjoy natural and precise vinyl replay. 

The upgrades are all housed in the classic MOON 250i chassis which has been built to MOON’s extremely high audio engineering standards. It features simple-to-operate and satisfyingly tactile controls and is designed to deliver years of listening pleasure supported by MOON’s 10-year warranty. The 250i is available in either a black or two-tone black/silver finish.

Moon Audio 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier Inside

The class A/B integrated amplifier outputs 50 watts/channel into 8 ohms and 100 watts/channel into 4 ohms.

The 250i v2 offers the most affordable entry-point into the MOON ecosystem and we plan on getting a sample for review.


  • Six inputs including phono and media player inputs on the front panel. 
  • Headphone output on 1/4” jack located on the front panel. 
  • MM phono preamplifier 
  • Precision matched proprietary MOON Bipolar output transistors for improved bass response and  accurate sonic reproduction. 
  • Low operating temperature for an ultra-long-life expectancy. 
  • Rigid chassis construction to minimise the effects of external vibrations. 
  • 10-year MOON warranty 
Moon Audio 250i v2 Integrated Amplifier Back


  • Output Power:
    • 8 Ohms/50 Watts per channel
    • 4 Ohms/100 Watts per channel
  • Input Sensitivity: 370 mV – 3.0V RMS
  • Input Impedance: 11 kΩ
  • Phono Input Impedance: 47 kΩ
  • Gain: 37 dB
  • Phono Stage Gain: 40 dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 101 dB @ full power
  • Frequency Response (full range): 10 Hz – 100 kHz +0/-3 dB
  • Crosstalk @ 1 kHz-78 dB
  • THD (20Hz – 20kHz @ 1 watt): 0.015 %
  • THD (20Hz – 20kHz @ 50 watts): 0.02 %
  • Intermodulation Distortion: 0.05 %
  • Shipping Weight: 22 lbs / 10 kg
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth):
    • 16.9 x 3.5 x 14.4 in
    • 42.9 x 8.9 x 36.6 cm

Price & Availability

The original 250i has not been available in North America for some years and so MOON is especially pleased to launch the new 250i v2 across the continent for $2,400 (USD) / 2,900 (CAD). For more information:

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  1. John

    March 14, 2023 at 12:43 pm

    No coax input or digital input of any kind? Seems as though this version is still too retro for me for that price.

    • Ian White

      March 14, 2023 at 12:59 pm


      I agree that it’s odd in the market now with Rotel, NAD, Naim, Cambridge Audio, and Audiolab all offering integrated amplifiers with internal DACs and streaming capabilities.


      Ian White

  2. Darius

    March 14, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    well you can buy high quality dac like Denafrips Ares and have a great system, including mediocre streaming capabilities will force to get external dac anyway

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